~ 65% Said YES, They Would Buy a Product They Saw on a Mobile Ad ~

"TWEENS AND YOUNG TEEN GIRLS VERY LIKELY TO MAKE PURCHASE FROM MOBILE ADS "MobiGirl Media, the only COPPA compliant mobile ad agency that exclusively reaches girls 6-16, conducted a survey to find out the thoughts and habits of this niche demographic on mobile advertising. The in-app survey which included responses from 775 girls surveyed the 6 -16 year olds on their buying habits, purchasing power, what ads they love the most and how tween and young teen girls get the word out when they love something they see in a mobile ad.

“The results show that most girls in this demographic do like advertising. In fact, 65% of girls noted that they are likely to buy straight from a mobile ad if there is a means to do so,” MobiGirl Media co-founder, Jennifer Noonan noted. “For this demographic, if you offer them an ad for something they like, the click through and share rates are impressive.” 22% or girls surveyed say they always tap on the ads they see in mobile apps, while 56% will tap on an ad if it is for a product that interests them. 53% of tweens would share a cool product with their friends. Of those, 58% said they would share products they love with friends in person and 42% would share things by sending a text or with an in-ad share button.

An astounding 80% of girls say they would buy right away with 20% saying they would wait for a special occasion. Given purchasing constraints of this demographic, 27% did say they would buy with a credit card, while 48% say they would ask their parents to purchase an item for them.

“It’s important for brands to get it right. If the ad does not intrude in their app experience and you make it worth their while, the girls will engage,” stated Noonan. “If the ads are attractive to girls and are for things girls are interested in, they are much more likely to tap on an ad.” 48% of respondents favored fashion related ads, followed by makeup products at 21%, toys at 12%, apps at 11% and books at 8%. Further, deals and promotional offers do matter. 58% of tweens say they love to get deals and free stuff and will be more likely to tap on an ad that contains them.

The survey was conducted in May, 2013 via MobiGirl Media’s proprietary COPPA compliant SDK. Every girl surveyed replied via an iOS device. MobiGirl Media is a COPPA compliant mobile ad agency that exclusively reaches girls 6-16. For more information, please visit www.mobigirlmedia.com