Michelle L. Casto, Consciousness Catalyst, Spiritual Teacher, Author & Mentor for Your Soul sent me a note offering a copy of her Book Career on the Fast Track FREE to our readers. She is making the 350+ page book available as a PDF download to everyone who visits the link below. The only catch is you must go there within the next 36 hours to grab your copy!

Here’s an Excerpt from Get Your Career on the Fast Track

My own concept of career is like a wardrobe, where you “try on” different outfits throughout your lifetime, and continue to check the mirror to see if it still fits and matches your current style and taste. In the modern world of work, you will need to find work that is “suited” to you. Think of your life’s work as your wardrobe. It is ever-changing as you move through life, changing as your styles and interests change.
Throughout the process, you will be tailoring yourself to fit different roles, and to meet changing work styles and expectations. 
Thus, today, the way in which we go about planning and strategizing our work life is constantly changing. We are taking a more proactive—therefore more exciting and challenging approach—to managing which way our career takes us. People are daring to walk their unique paths, and ignoring traditional routes. In fact, tomorrow’s jobs are relatively unknown to us at this time, as there will be new titles and new career fields that will develop. If a modern career is like a wardrobe, you will wear many kinds of outfits
throughout a lifetime, sometimes mixing and matching ensembles, but always checking to see that it still reflects your current style and remains a good fit. It has been said that clothes make the man (or woman)—what you are displaying to the world through your choice of clothing is how you express yourself. Similarly, how you express yourself and what you value is reflected in the work you choose to perform. 
As Mark Twain said, “There is no security in life, only opportunity.” Given today’s changing times, we cannot hold onto one idea for very long—there is so much good work that must be done to help us evolve to our fullest potential. We are multi-talented, multi-faceted beings with many gifts to share. We cannot lock ourselves into any one job or job path. We must walk our path, but remain flexible and open to new experiences. We also need to learn our lessons along the way. Each job, no matter how small, is meaningful and is part of our career plan in that we are always building onto our careers. Today’s work will prepare us for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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