Business Grants are elusive to most entrepreneurs and especially hard to find in a recession.  Investing In Women ( wants to change that and is asking for everyone to get involved in awarding grants.  After awarding their first grant a few weeks ago, the company is ready to award another one.

The current grant applicant is Gazelle Simmons, a virtual assistant and author.  She started her business Admin Services in 1998 and is currently in need of a new computer. “The desktop computer I’m currently using was purchased in February 2005…It is an essential part of my business and I couldn’t work without it.”  Gazelle wrote in her grant application.  As a virtual assistant she works with business owners who need administrative support but not a full time employee. Her services include, but are not limited to presentations, data entry, mass-mailings and editing/proofreading.

Gazelle lives in Atlanta, GA with her two teenage daughters.  She is active in her community and spends her free time volunteering. After 10 years as an executive administrator she became her own boss so she would have the time to care for her aging parents.  “I could be available for my parents, children even friends and family while still doing work I loved.  For the first time in years, I looked forward to working.” says Gazelle

With the new grant program, everyone gets a chance to be involved. Investing In Women will begin the grant with $25 and the remainder will be donated through the site by visitors and from paid advertisements. All grant donors will receive recognition on the site with their name or website link.

“This gives us more transparency in our grant process and allows others to do something positive for a small business owner.” says Leah Oviedo, founder of Investing In Women. “Our goal is to offer 100 micro-grants in the next 2 years. After this grant is awarded we will be awarding another and so on.”

Investing In Women was founded in February of 2009 with the goal of encouraging women to be financially independent. They offer free business resources and tools that can be used by all entrepreneurs, not just women.  Set up like a co-op, members of the site contribute their knowledge and resources on different business subjects.  In exchange they receive free advertising.

If you would like to learn more about the Grant, Gazelle Simmons or Investing In Women visit

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