The Top 4 Do’s and Don’ts by Catherine Palmiere

Thankfully, an interview is not really what we fear most – it is not a firing line where you have to convince another human being of your worth. Instead, remember that an interview is simply an opportunity to showcase your talents and the utterly unique contribution you can make to another group of people. In order to showcase the amazing woman you are, there ARE a few pitfalls you want to avoid. Here are the top four do’s and don’ts for interviewing.

#1 Don’t:  Whatever you do, don’t go into the interview unprepared.   Do: The internet provides tons of information on most corporations. Go in knowing the company’s mission statement is. Have an idea of how they have performed in the last few years. Get a basic understanding of their products or services. Know the five key points: Who, What, Where, When and How. Give it that hour or two of research and you will at least provide enough meaningful discourse to hold their attention.

#2 Don’t:  Don’t let fear get the better of you.  Do: MOCK INTERVIEW. There is simply no replacement for practice makes perfect. If you’re having a very hard time, hire a job coach to walk you through the typical (and not-so-typical) interview questions. Knowing your story and background, the job coach can actually help you script a few great answers. At the very least, you will be able to acce