By Gabi Rose, MS


Losing weight and feeling great is no easy task.  I successfully lost 130 pounds and can empathize with the pressure, stress and emotions related to weight loss.  My most important achievement has been keeping the weight off and maintaining my shape for nearly two years now.

At first, an undertaking such as this could appear very daunting and I am sympathetic to the initial feelings of apprehension.  In order for me to drop from my stocky size 24 to a slender size 2, I needed to tackle one of the most physically and psychologically challenging tasks of my lifetime.

Weight maintenance was the key to my success, and along the way, I learned many tricks and secrets to help the body burn fuel.  My primary mission is to educate people and bestow my knowledge and experience to others so they can get healthy and win the battle of the bulge.

Individuals need to have a better understanding about metabolism, the rate at which the body converts food into energy.  Exercise is the easiest way to maintain a fast metabolism.  However, there are many readily available food items that can automatically boost the body’s metabolism.

For example, water is extremely important to the metabolism and drinking 64 ounces can help melt away fat by curbing binge eating and reducing unnecessary calorie intake.  Water is nourishing and helps flush out the excess sodium and toxins from our body.  Studies suggest that water intake can help boost metabolism by as much as 30%.  Drinking adequate amounts of water can prevent individuals from mistaking thirst for hunger.          Additionally, drinking a moderate amount of coffee with caffeine or green tea can provide a quick kick to one’s diet by stimulating the body’s metabolism.

Citrus fruit is recognized as a metabolic body booster in addition to being rich in Vitamin C which keeps the body’s immune system healthy.

Through time, we have been told that to lose weight we need to cut the fat out of our diet, but the body needs adequate fat intake to achieve optimal weight loss performance.  Considered the dietary wave of the future, fatty, oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel and sardines, possess Omega-3 fats that benefit the body’s metabolism, strengthen the heart by preventing strokes and lower bad cholesterol levels.      Soy may be the closest thing there is to a magical weight loss elixir.  Rich in protein, soy requires more energy for food digestion and thus burns more calories.  Soy comes in a variety of products including tofu, edamame and a variety of refreshing drinks.   Other sources of good protein include beans, chicken, turkey, egg whites and fish.

For those of you who want to put spice back into your life, I recommend adding hot peppers to your diet.  Capsaicin, which provides the heat in peppers, stimulates the body’s production of adrenaline, temporarily raising the body’s metabolism.  Other favorite metabolic boosters are green vegetables such as celery, kelp, broccoli, chives, collard greens and cabbage which are high in fiber and boast higher levels of the vitamins and nutrients we need to maintain good health.

At the Center for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL) at University Drive, we now offer Capsiate Natura, a totally new, natural dietary supplement extracted from the rare CH-19 sweet pepper available for health-conscious people who want to stimulate their metabolism. It is clinically useful for bariatric patients in several circumstances and Dr. Elisabeth Cohn’Gelwasser with CMWL now offers Capsiate Natura in office and online at

All of these types of foods and supplements are known to stimulate the body’s metabolism when consumed in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan.   To get started on a good meal plan for a healthy lifestyle, call us today!

Gabi Rose is a weight loss specialist with the Center for Medical Weight Loss at University Drive.  Gabriela has appeared on numerous television channels, including NBC and FOX, and has been published in a variety of national and regional magazines.  For more information, visit or call 954-966-5700 to schedule an appointment. Become the next success story by emailing Gabriela today at