"My Kid Broke My Digital Babysitter"In a recent survey conducted by device protection provider Protect Your Bubble , 13% of individuals polled revealed that their child was to blame for their damaged mobile phone. When asked what happened to the phone, 41% said their phone suffered a cracked screen from getting dropped, 24.4% said water damage and even 9% said it got run over by a heavy object.

For anyone who is a parent, allowing your child to use your mobile phone is one way to keep them distracted and entertained but how can you keep your mobile phone safe?

“As children become more independent, they like to do things on their own but parents should be very careful when allowing their little one handle their mobile phone,” said David Anderson, Director of Product Development for Protect Your Bubble. “Children’s small fingers and interactive games are just a few ways that can cause damage to parents’ mobile phones. Make sure you protect your devices.”

Protect Your Bubble offers the following tips to help keep phones safe in your kids’ hands :

  • Try to keep glasses of water and juice out of proximity to the phone to minimize spills and water damage
  • Be mindful of tile, hardwood floors and outdoor pavement as these areas are more prone to crack screens if dropped
  • Have a screen protector to prevent scratches and protect against small, greasy fingers
  • Try to encourage kids to avoid playing mobile games that require shaking of the phone
  • Don’t let your kids use your phone in certain rooms, such as the bathroom, as they can easily slip from their hands and into the toilet

You don’t want to find yourself crying over a cracked screen or spills. Protect Your Bubble offers smartphone and tablet protection. Their protection plans cover water damage, screen damage and manufacturer malfunctions.

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