"My bonus mom is worth reading"You may never feel love for or excitement about “her” (or for a man “him”).

But, are there ways to attract a better future for both you and your child by truly working to let the universe correspond to your efforts to have more positive thoughts and feelings about the woman who marries the man who used to be your husband or the man who marries your former wife?

Tami Butcher author of the book My Bonus Mom! Taking the Step out of Stepmom says:

. Start by thinking- What do the two of you feel grateful for?

. How can you believe something positive about “her” and feel it and what can keep you motivated to work on that?

. What if your child likes “her” and she helps your child?

. Tami is happily married to a professional baseball coach, but reflecting on her own family dynamics, Butcher suggests sometimes just planting a seed in children’s minds that having a stepmother or stepfather can be a “bonus,” then their minds and hearts might grow to accept their parents’ new spouses.

Snow White TRULY did have an evil step mom! She vainly talked to her mirror and thought only of her needs. Cinderella had an evil step mom too. These stories can be true in real life too!! BUT sometimes and in some cases they may give kids fear in an already stressful situation.

Tami’s book–My Bonus Mom! Taking the Step out of Stepmom, geared towards younger children, is based on Tami’s own family’s divorce roller-coaster ride. She captures the emotions children may experience as they deal with divorce and adjust to remarriage.

Is she going to replace mommy?

Will daddy love her more than me?

What if she doesn’t like going to the zoo?

The children work through their feelings of dismay, fear and anger, and grow to love dad’s new wife, whom they come to think of as their bonus mom.

“I loved my stepmother so much; I always felt that calling her a “step” mom did not do her justice.

The book is avaialble at: www.MyBonusMomBook.com Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble