"success magazine july 2011"In the July issue of Success Magazine the very last article “Turning Your Knowledge Into Power” shared 10 actions you can take right now… These 10 action steps can apply to any aspect of your life including your wealth action plan.

Here they are:

1. Get the meeting: Make a list of 3 people you can seek out and make an opportunity for yourself by getting the meeting with each of them.

2. Take a Hint: Today ask three people who’s opinion’s you value to help you identify your weaknesses. Then list the Top TWO that can negatively impact your business and success.

3. Give One Gift: The Gift of Time.  “Choose someone you can commit to spending time with this week to inspire and encourage” to pursue their dreams.

4. Get Over it: Write down three lessons you’ve learned from a mistake you’ve made that you have not gotten over (you’ve been holding onto) and then move on…

5. Study Your Role Models (Mentor on Paper): list your top three success role models/heroes; those who’ve achieved what you want to achieve. Study them. Read their biographies. Take note of how they made their dreams a reality. (If you need some inspiration, read our Women in Business Channel for some amazing success stories).

6. Embrace Facebook (or whichever social media works best for you): Plot your social media plan of action to include “questions, polls and killer deals” – this could be one of the Cash Machines Loral Langemeier constantly refers to.

7. Greatness is a choice: Make a list of three things you’re willing to give up to spend more time working toward your goals.

8. Become a Better listener:  Ask someone for their ideas on a problem you have been struggling with.  The solution could be “from their mouths to your ears.”

9. Dress for Success (Suit Up): What does your wardrobe say about you? Enough Said.

10. Just say no!  Learn to say no to those things that “leave you feeling stressed, stretched and snarky,” so you can focus on those things that make you feel like you’re living your dream (or getting closer to doing so).

You could follow these ten steps to help you with your wealth action plan, to become financially fit and achieve the economic security most people only dream about.

To your success… and then some,