I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is Better.” (First said by Beatrice Kaufman – the wife of playwright George S. Kaufman and later attributed to Legendary Entertainer Sophie Tucker)

"Bag of money to give away"Does that quote resonate with you? It does with me. Having been both poor and rich, I KNOW that rich is better. We could go on and talk about there being no shame in being poor, and I would agree but the reality is it is more of an privilege and our right to be rich. WHY? Because with money we can do more good in the world. That is why I am working so diligently toward my own wealth goals.  Having money can do a lot of good for a lot of people and I want to be able to help others, and in turn help myself and my family. To me, that is what true financial freedom is all about.

Day six has been an interesting day for me. For the most part I worked on projects that clients have hired me to complete. Some of them were delegated to members of my team (things like video editing, press release distribution, graphic design and directory submissions) because it is important to focus on those things that bring me the greatest return on my time or ROMT.

What do I mean by ROMT?  Well one of the things we talked about at Loral’s Big Table was the fact that many business owners have a tendency to do everything themselves (especially when first starting out), but the reality is that doing those things – the things that we are not really good at, and often the mundane tasks associated with business ownership) may not be the best use of our time.  Why? Because we should be leading our business.  Leaders need to stop doing and start leading. Leading others toward our vision for our company. Bill Gates didn’t even have a product when he and Paul Allen started Microsoft. But they had an idea and recognized an opportunity to create something for an already existing product.  His vision and determination is what made Microsoft the leader in Computer Technology it is today –  for those of you Mac Evangelists reading this, I didn’t say the BEST, just the leader  :).

During the Big Table, Loral and her team also talked about the Sales Funnel, the diagram we would use to create our product offerings at varying price points. For some of us this was easy and others it was very difficult.  Because a functional Sales Funnel has products in a wide range of prices and most of mine were on the low end. The challenge was to come up with more on the high end of the spectrum, those that required less effort and more ROI. High end products and services could include one on one coaching packages, intellectual property and more. The low end can include free things like special reports and give-aways (to get people into our sales funnel), teleseminars and webinars and other events, books, tapes, CD’s and group coaching calls.  In an upcoming post I will share a copy of my sales funnel with you so you can get a visual and begin to create your own sales funnels.  Which leads me into what I did today.

Today I worked on some of my high-end sales funnel activities such as content creation (the thing I love to do and am good at). That included writing a program for an all-day workshop Lauren Perez and I will be hosting in August. More on that later.

Here’s what else I did:

Had an interview with Florist Review Magazine about a new site my partner and I launched. It is called Funeral Flowers Now and it is sympathy resource website and directory for the floral industry and consumers.  That was very exciting because the site just launched on Monday and we have not really even advertised it yet.

Investigated Intro Video Templates to create them for my clients (will do mine first as an experiment).  Did you know you can use pre-made video software that you customize to create really cool videos for your company? They look professionally done and are a fraction of the cost of producing one from scratch. You can find them on TemplateMonster.com .

I also had the privilege of Interviewing Kris Cavanaugh of BeginToShift.com. She talked about Surviving Any Economy by Becoming the C.E.O. of Your ENTIRE Life.  Its all about living on purpose, finding your passion and creating a life you were destined to live. I will be posting a synopsis of the call and a link to the recording on WE Magazine tomorrow. Stay tuned!

And finally, connected with an acquaintance on Facebook whom I met while giving a Social Media presentation to MPI (Meeting Professionals International) last year. She messaged me and said she had an amazing opportunity for me and we should talk. Did I mention she worked for Carnival Cruise Lines and now has her own Concierge Cruise Business?  So I am very curious to hear her proposal.

This was Day Six. I cannot wait to see what Day Seven has to offer!

Until tomorrow… “Live Richly because Rich IS Better!”