Yesterday I talked about the 120 Day Wealth Action Plan, what it is and what my goals were for the next 120 days.

Today I am going to share the steps necessary to achieve the first goal1. Increase net income by $3,500 per month and what I am doing TODAY to move closer to that goal.

If you recall, I mentioned in Flying First Class there were several different presentations given during the 2+ day BIG TABLE event.  One of those was about creating Joint Ventures and Partnering (Paul Miltonberger from gave the overview).

a. Get two additional internet marketing/social media retainer clients at $1,000 per month or 4 more at $500 per month or any combination thereof to equal $2,000

b. Up my affiliate marketing strategies by partnering with others who offer products and services my clients would benefit from for a total monthly passive income of $500

c. Make Presentations to business groups and individuals on the topics blogging, internet marketing and social media to then sell my hands-on workshops on the same topics for a total monthly passive income of $1,000

Other strategies:

Ask for referrals, write for well known internet marketing/business publications.

Create a women’s survey and distribute (more on this later).

What I have done thus far:

1. Wrote and submitted an Internet Marketing/Social Media Proposal for a new client which came via a referral.

2. Followed up with 1 potential client for retainer work (have two more to call).

3.  Asked two clients for referrals (one was not in, the other is sending me a list). Also asked them what they needed from me and will be doing some additional PR for one.

4.  Contacted a colleague to talk about collaborating on a project – a workshop to show people how to create, protect, manage and leverage content to add to their bottom line. We are meeting today at 3pm.

5. Submitted a speaking proposal to The Game Changer Event hosted by Women’s Prosperity Network that is taking place in September, 2011.

When planning your own joint ventures and partnerships, think about the many businesses that are natural partners. In the real estate field, realtors partner with one another when selling a house. Florists partner with caterers, photographers and others in the event industry. Automobile insurance companies often partner with auto repair companies to insure their customers get the best service at a fair price.

The real key to success in partnering, joint ventures and cross-promotion, is to collaborate with non-competing businesses that are going after the same client or customer base. Choose businesses and people you trust. The promotion should make sense to both partners. It should be a true win-win for everyone involved. Plan the promotion and evaluate the Alliance on a regular basis. Look for ways to expand your reach without increasing your overhead or debt.

Back to my own plans for partnering.  Because I know that Content is Queen, that the WEB begins and ends with Content, I know this is something of value to women in my target audience.  Lauren Perez, President of LVP Solutions is an expert in Intellectual Property and in my opinion a great partner for this project. Why? Because we are basically going after the same audience of small to mid-sized entrepreneurs who are able to afford our services.

My vision, to create a one-day workshop around content and Lauren’s information will complement my programs without competing with them. We are meeting today to outline our program, create a timeline and the steps leading up to the day of the event, as well as what outcome we both expect from the partnership, including our monetary goals.

Tomorrow I will update you on what that looks like and share some ways you too, could partner with others. If you would like to have a copy of our timeline template to help you plan your events, please leave a comment below in this post or in the next one.  I also wrote an ebook on Event Planning which I will also share with you in a few days.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you want to be added to our list to get these goodies.

Cannot wait to hear what Your 120 Wealth Plan looks like as well as celebrate YOUR Successes with you!

Until tomorrow… to your success… and then some!