“The primary purpose (of a Mastermind) is to establish support for each other emotionally, personally and professionally. It provides a unique forum for sharing ideas and information, as well as discussing meaningful topics and everyday challenges.” Jack Canfield

"masterminds"Its been five days since I have been working on my 120 Day Wealth Plan.  And you know what? It’s beginning to work!  I finally figured out why? FOCUS. I have been putting all my energy into making this happen that things are finally coming together. Oh, I’ve had a few successes up to this point but honestly, they have been sporadic and all over the place. Today feels different. It feels like I am finally getting my act together.

During Loral’s Big Table we talked about some of the things that hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams. For me, its always been about FOCUS. I kid around that I have Adult A.D.D. but the reality is that I just don’t work on any one thing for very long. I loose interest and start something new. Has this ever happened to you?

Take the internet as a perfect example. I could be looking for something specific online and then something else distracts me to the point I forgot what I was looking for!  Geez…  Its that “shiny object syndrome.”  It’s easy to waste time on the net, on social media, looking for excuses to not do what you could be doing to move closer to your goals. And yet, the 120 Day Wealth Plan is different. It has forced me to look deeper and see things more clearly. One of the reasons, is the fact that I have people to hold me accountable.

On my Day Four post, mentioned that last night was our first mastermind call.  And that I would share some tips about masterminding with you. But first, it is important to understand what a mastermind is. And how it can help you. It has helped me. Every time I participate in a Mastermind things happen for the good. Why? Because there are other people to help me, encourage me and hold me accountable for my actions.  Sometimes you need someone else in your corner who is objective, someone who will give you the gentle nudge when you need to get off your duff and a kick in the pants when you stand still for too long.

Loral Langemeier said that no one achieves greatness and wealth on their own. They need a support system, a team, people. I agree.  Even the most successful people in the world have a team. Bill Gates could never have grown Microsoft to the level he has without people. Mark Zuckerberg could not have created Facebook without the help of other techno-geeks.  Oprah could not have created the media empire she has without people, guests on her show, production crews, etc. I could go on but you get my point.

The Benefits of a Mastermind Group include helping you and others:

• Set & Achieve Your goals

• Get fresh perspectives & emotional support which can also help you…

• Complete a big project

• Work on a specific area of your life and quickly identify problems

• Being in a Mastermind helps you Become more accountable for your own success

• Make more money – build an empire, achieve and exceed your financial goals

Through the members you automatically Expand your network, your circle of influence. Many masterminds become referral sources for its participants.

The following tips are essential for a mastermind group to be functional and meet the needs of the members:

Trust – if you cannot establish trust, you don’t have a mastermind.

Be Fully Present – in mind, body and spirit

Stay on Purpose – if your goal is to complete a book, make that the main focus of the meetings.

Set Goals – and keep everyone’s “feet to the fire” You can do that by reviewing the goals at each meeting and establishing new ones.

Accountability – it is important to the success of a mastermind. When you set goals the other members are responsible to help you stay on task and achieve your goals.

Be Flexible – if something isn’t working change it and if you aren’t making a difference to the others in the group or they aren’t making a difference to you, then it might just be you are in the wrong group

Most importantly, Celebrate Successes – its okay to party occasionally and it will be the impetus some people need to get to the next level…

If you want to form your own Mastermind Group, a key ingredient to long term success is to think about and invite people who would benefit from being in a group with you. Because they will ask themselves that question when they decide to participate or not.

*These tips have been excerpted from my “How a Mastermind Can Springboard Your Business Success. You can grab your copy with my compliments here: http://speakingwithspirit.com/special-mastermind-for-business-program/

Tomorrow I am going to talk about my plans for Growing a Million Dollar Business. And how you too can do the same.