"moving in together - love"Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, and for many it’s the perfect opportunity to take your relationship to the next level.

If you decide to say those 4 magic words this Valentine’s Day: “Let’s move in together” – take the hassle out of moving to your new couple’s nest with Unpakt, a comparison pricing site for consumers searching for a moving company.

Moving in together will be a big adjustment, and you don’t need to add any stress to this next step in your relationship. Unpakt revolutionizes the aggravation of moving in together by:

1. Eliminating the need for a sales rep to visit your individual homes to offer an estimate

2. Creating an easy inventory of both of your possessions

3. Fixed pricing – no “estimates” that can change on moving day

You can even plan a faux move right from the couch to let Unpakt determine what costs are going to look like. Unpakt helps you see how many boxes you need, what furniture you’ll be taking with you … and then you can compare and “purchase” moving prices online from competing moving companies right in your area before making your purchase.

(Think what Kayak.com is to the travel industry, Unpakt.com is to the moving industry.)

Unpakt makes getting serious and moving in together simple, and will start this new chapter in your relationship on the right foot.

Getting Engaged/ Fine Jewelry Purchases

An if you are ready to make the ultimate commitment on Valentine’s Day and pop the question – James Allen has the world’s finest jewelry for the best possible value.

James Allen’s new website marks the arrival of a reputable luxury jeweler that provides a genuine alternative to the dated practices of jewelry stores, and proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune for the very best diamonds and engagement rings.

The news James Allen website features exclusive never-before-seen Diamond Display Technology. This technology magnifies diamonds 15X in high-resolution and lets users interact with diamonds in 360°. As a result, customers can truly experience a diamond’s unique beauty, cut, color, clarity and sparkle better than they would in a jewelry store, all from the comfort of their home or mobile device.

James Allen has also expanded its variety of diamonds to include a wide selection of beautiful, rare fancy color diamonds. These magnificent stones are frequently sought after by aficionados, but James Allen’s competitive prices make fancy color diamonds accessible to consumers shopping within a budget as well.

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