by Simone Kelly Brown

Would you love to eat at a lavish restaurant at least once a week? Itching to take that dream vacation to an exotic Island? You need to refurnish your home office, but ummmm … it’s not really in the budget right now. The mortgage, sky rocketing gas bills, and your kid’s tuition seem to be taking center stage instead. Without taking on the guilt of enjoying life … you CAN get many of these things and live good. I mean really good by finding cool barters. I mean, come on, that’s what this is all about, Livin’ the Good Life, baby!

A spark of creativity, a great connection, a desire to save, and a buried treasure or talent you possess are all you need. You can get what you desire with just some of those main ingredients to lead you to a trade that can blow your mind. I’ll admit, finding good deals isn’t always easy, but when you stumble upon someone who has something amazing to offer and is open to trading or, better yet, a member of a trade exchange that you’re a member of, then GO FOR IT!

I looked around and found some really interesting deals that others have been able to nail and wanted to share them with you.

In Tallahassee, FL, a photographer traded for:

– A year’s lease of office space

– A Jacuzzi tub

– Pavers for landscaping

– Hair, Nails, Massage, Permanent Makeup, and other personal services

– Clothing and Shoes

– Computers – Hardware and Services

– Signage

– Furniture

– Print Advertising

– Hotel Rooms

– Concrete Patio

– Restaurants

In Brooklyn, NY, Publicist Fiona Bloom was able to get a week-long vacation in a luxurious villa in Barbados for publicity work. She did it not only once but two years in a row.

In Boca Raton, FL, an owner of a human resources firm created custom employee handbooks and in exchange was able to rack up on:

– A billiards table

– Office furniture

– Event tickets

– Restaurants

On they mentioned a barter and cash mixed that was a great savings for hotel rooms:

– Koh-I-Noor, a manufacturer of artists’ instruments in Bloomsbury (NJ), bartered trade credits held in its account with Active Travel for accommodations at a hotel in Woodcliff Lake (NJ) for a four-day meeting. Jeffrey Murray, manager of sales promotion, education, and training, said, “The rate for a single room was $130, but, by bartering, we saved a third off that amount and paid a rate of only $80.”

– Hi-tec, a division of a UK-based athletic shoe manufacturer, is getting more than just a reduced room rate when it holds its annual sales meeting for 150 attendees at a Fort Lauderdale resort. Hi-tec paid 35% of the room bill in trade credits along with 25% of its food and beverage costs.

Some of my very own favorites that I’ve been able to barter are marketing coaching for:

– Web design

– Pampering (massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials)

Ghost Writing for Someone:

– Getting my office, living room, and dining room redecorated and painted.

Team Motivation presentations for a salon’s staff:

– My hair done whenever I’d like, on the house!

Now you have an idea of some things that others are doing in the barter world. Pick up your own magic lamp to conjure up your own barters that rock. Who needs a genie?

Keep Livin’ Good,