Women will agree with me when I say that kids are quite unpredictable. The fact holds the best when something exciting is on their way at summer’s end, and witnessing such excitement is pretty standard. Your kids are excited to see their friends after an extended period, they’ll be returning to their favourite classes after days of home bliss, and the school activities- not to mention. But, all that excitement seems to fade off when unexpected injuries pave their path just at the moment. 

Injuries: The common question that’s most likely to trigger the parent’s minds. Yes, these are the most common during your child’s back-to-school season- a much hazardous part than any other time of the year. The truth lies with the fact that even the mellowest of children tend to behave with utter excitement, which in turn gets dangerous when children are back to school. This primarily happens because children tend to ignore the repercussions of running across the playground-owing to their inattentiveness. Now that as a mom, you’re wondering what the most common types of injuries are, sticking onto us is the best option you can have. Let’s get going on this knowledgeable journey and dwell in tranquillity with protecting your children in the best possible manner, mommies!

Head Injuries:

One of the most overlooked injuries is a head injury. While on the playground, your child plays with both metal and plastic materials. These materials are most likely to strike the heads when they jump, hop, and run around. Some of the most common problems include slow speech and other cognitive issues. Medical professionals exclaim that most of the joint head injuries stem right from the playground. If head injury worries you as a parent, then the best thing you can do is take your child to a doctor to ensure that there isn’t permanent damage. 

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents:

The motor vehicle accident injuries are one of the most common injuries in riders and teen drivers. Millions of people encounter motor vehicle accidents every year. The situation gets even more frustrating when your child faces an injury because of some other person’s negligence. The expert injury attorney serving the city of Nashville suggests taking your child for an emergency if you encounter any of the following symptoms in your child. These may be difficulty breathing, broken bones, visible or hidden head or back injuries, bone piercing across the skin, bleeding or swelling. They also recommend taking claims for medical bills and other viable damages. 

  • Foreign Bodies:

You may think that it is most safe to say your child is experiencing foreign bodies. It is quite common for kids to get stuck, whether it is a sweet/chickpea in their nose or a splinter in their finger. These injuries are the most common when your child ingested or inhaled something during playtime or mealtime. The best thing you can do in circumstances like these checks out on some first aid techniques or call 911 if nothing works out. Take note of symptoms like vomiting, bloating, abdominal pain or constipation. 

Safety is the key to accident-free life.

It becomes vital for adults as parents to note that children are completely unaware of their safety. Thus, mothers remind yourself that it is only you to spare some time for some basic things. 

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