Congratulations to our Travel Editor, Wendy VanHatten and Jackie VanHatten on the Launch of their newest adventure -Forks Corks and Brews.

Forks, Corks, and Brews officially launched their online presence today. Co-founders Jackie and Wendy VanHatten encourage and educate their readers by sharing recipes, kitchen secrets, and wine and beer pairings. They also investigate San Diego’s coffee.

Creating real food for the busy household that likes to entertain is their main focus. However, food quality, efficiency, and sustainability are key to preparing their cuisine. VanHatten says efficiency in the kitchen is the secret for busy families. “Everyone is busy. That doesn’t mean quality meals get sacrificed. We want our kids to know how to shop for sustainable ingredients and then cook a tasty meal using those ingredients.”

As busy women, Jackie and Wendy are the go-to source for cooking with real, wholesome food. Follow along for their simple recipes, useful kitchen suggestions, and straight-talk gadget reviews.

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