Christmas is almost here. And so is the dilemma of sending gifts to your near and dear ones. But when the tradition of sending out Christmas Cards has been there, why switch to anything else. Countless people have sent them out for decades now. 

Whether it’s a photo card or a plain Christmas picture, the idea is to catch people up on the past year. They hold distinct purposes and special meanings for the person sending the card. However, it becomes quite daunting to find the perfect cards to wish for their family or friends with so many options available. Well, not anymore!

Here are some options that you can use to gift your loved ones this year. So, let’s begin!

Keep it simple with Merry Script Christmas Card.

You can opt for a single side photo card where you can send wishes to your friends and family with beautiful calligraphy-inspired font along with your family name and year. This is a simple merry christmas card which is a personalized way of showing that they are a part of your family. And that this card will help them stay closer to yours. Isn’t that the purpose of sending greeting cards in the first place?

The Perfect Christmas Card for Newlyweds

If you want to send some wishes to your newlywed family members or friends, Merry Update Christmas Cards are the perfect option. You can customize this card with your favorite colors and send the holiday message. The beautiful modern white calligraphy gives this card another spotlight. 

Go Rustic With Country Farmhouse Christmas Cards

If you are looking for some rustic look, this is the perfect choice for this year’s greeting card. In this option, you will find a wood texture background, a space to add three photos. You will get it all here if you are a fan of swirling letters and some foliage. You can find such holiday cards online where you can write your family name to make it more personalized. 

Spread Cheer to your loved ones with Winter Type Christmas Cards

You can send your favorite family photo with a message in modern white typography. The best part is that you can send the card in different designs and colors. You have to customize the option as per your preference to give that special touch. 

Can’t choose one picture, go for Merry Moments Christmas Cards

If you are unsure of which picture you should choose, in this option, you can go for four moments that you want to capture and send to your family and friends. In this collage-like framing, you can share your favorite message combined with calligraphy that spells out Merry Christmas to contrast the rest of the message.

These are some of the fantastic options to choose from this year. But no matter which option you choose, make sure that you follow this card etiquette.

  • Make sure you send your cards early.
  • Include a personalized message for your friends and family so that it transforms into a keepsake
  • Avoid grammatical errors or typos.



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