Men really don’t want to compete with their woman. They don’t marry for competition because they get enough of that in other areas of their lives, from work to their friends. What they want is someone they can confide in, someone they can have fun with and someone who will be loyal to them.

Men want peace and they want to please their wife or girlfriend which is why men avoid conflict in their relationships as best they can. Conflict, for a man, equates to a competition and men are hardwired to do everything they can to win any competition. Since most men don’t want to win over their mate, they will end up withdrawing.

Therefore, if you take a different approach and simply refuse to argue and, instead, use your feelings to disarm him, you will find that you are actually the one in control. Think about when you were a little girl and you wanted to get something from your Dad, what did you do? You used your feelings, making him feel like the best father on the planet and you would twirl him around your little finger, no matter how much trouble he would get into. It was all to make his little girl happy and put a smile on her face because it made him feel good.

The same holds true in relationships and if you can relearn the art of using your feelings, you will find that your man is much more responsive to you. He will want to do things for you simply to please you and see you happy because that is what makes him happy. There’s nothing more important to a man than the knowledge that he can please his woman.