"Meet Woman on the Move Melissa Ann Maria Pettignano"Meet Melissa Ann Maria Pettignano 25 Year Young Professional Music Artist / Songwriter / Entrepreneur / Inspirational Speaker

Tell us about how you chose your career/business and what your responsibilities include?

Every since i was a little girl I always knew what I wanted to be. I always knew I was unique and different in a beautiful way, destined for a higher purpose, higher calling ! I wanted to be a professional singer / songwriter / author. I wanted to, as well, own my own company. Be my own boss…doing what I love to do…while helping and empowering others. Letting every person I came in contact with know nothing in life is ever impossible and dreams do come true. Growing up I have been surrounded by family and family friends in both the Literary and Entertainment business. It’s a love and passion that is totally indescribable. I started singing at the age of two years old, bopping along to all types of song’s. As a fond memory and example: My parent’s recall me at the age of two sitting in a shopping cart, as they would shop for groceries. A song would come on the radio, and there I would be moving to the beat of the sound and singing along in tune. I can remember my earliest memories not only singing, but having a pen and paper in hand writing what ever I wanted to express, Whether it be just for myself or for the whole world to read and join in on. Creativity is one of the many joys of this world. To open your heart and create what’s deep inside for the greater good of not just yourself, but for others is something that I hold very dear to me.

As I grew a little older, from my bopping along to the beat of the music in my shopping cart days, ( yet still bopping along today, just now on foot as I sing and dance ), at the age of six in a half, I began to write short-stories of a very special character near and dear to my heart. Her name Suzanne Lantana. She is a Character that loves to help in any which way she can through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Having a bold and positive outlook on life. As time proceeded, as I was growing and learning in life, and enjoying every minute of it to the fullest as always, at the age of thirteen my aunt Arlene T. Babakitis, who was like a second mother to me, passed away in the September 11th 2001 World Trade Center Attacks. That is a day my family and myself, along with the rest of the world will not ever forget. It was clear to me as I started writing Suzanne Lantana, that the world was crying out for more positivity and children needed more uplift. It was after this defining moment, along with other defining moment’s of thought, more than ever,  I wanted my book Suzanne Lantana: A Collection of Short Stories, Fiction and Non-Fiction, to make it’s way out into the world. To help navigate anyone in need the right way.

When I turned eighteen years old, while still in high school, I knew it was time to pursue my dreams even more than ever before. While signed to a Modeling Agency, I began the journey of sending my manuscripts at the same time out to potential publisher’s in the Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing communities. Along the way, through much careful consideration, I choose to go the self-publishing route. Once signed, I was excited and thrilled to begin the next phase of my journey as an author. Being able to help young girls and boys all over the world. After Suzanne Lantana made it’s debut, promoting my book became the main focus. Through radio, t.v., newspapers, magazines,etc. It was an exciting world-wind. I can’t help, but be overjoyed to think of how I started Suzanne Lantana at a very young age and how she has made such an incredible positive mark on the world. Suzanne Lantana will be a series of books with so much more for young children, teenager’s, young adults, and all ages can learn from. As I was busy promoting my book, I released a single entitled: Gave You One More Chance. Currently I am working on the release of my second book entitled: Suzanne Lantana: High School Day’s ( Part Two of the Suzanne Lantana Series: A Collection of Short Stories, Fiction and Non-Fiction )  and my upcoming album.

As of May 2013 of this year I became the proud Founder/Owner/CEO of MPettignano Enterprises, LLC. My company deals with both the Literary and Entertainment business. The Literary side deals with signing writer’s in the following categories: Poetry, Short-Stories, Christian Books, Children’s books, Novel’s, Romance, Self-Help, Inspirational, Fiction/Non-Fiction, Music. The Entertainment part of my company deals with me signing: Independent Music Artists & Musician’s.

Tell us about the company you work for or own?

The company I own entitled: MPettignano Enterprises, LLC is a company that is in the beginning stages of it’s development, but it is my new baby. I am so excited to be embarking on a new chapter not only in my life, but in my career. My company embodies so much that comes from the heart and soul, of not only myself, but others who work along side with me. As a team we are truly excited about creating what we love and in helping others around the world in what we love to do. I along with my team a.k.a work familial, look forward to signing talented people with positive uplifting messages. Messages that will inspire and change other’s in a positive way, no matter where they come from. Every one has a story to tell.

What are some of the most fulfilling projects you have been involved with so far?

Some of the most fulfilling projects I have been involved with so far of course ties in with my careers, but adding to that would be helping the persecuted Christians, helping the homeless, being apart of the September 11th Community ( helping families, attending events to honor the victims, survivor’s, ( us ) the families, our police officers and firefighters, our troops home and abroad. etc ). For example’s:  1.  Reading the names of the victims who passed away in the September 11th World Trade Center Attacks at the Ninth Year Anniversary of the September 11th 2001 World Trade  Center Attacks down at Ground Zero. 2. My family and I being invited personally to Washington D.C. to attend a VIP Private Reception in the U.S. Capital Building/ Ceremony and Flag stitching event in the Russell Senate Office Building in the Kennedy Caucus Room. 3. I was apart of the ” I WILL” Campaign that reached, continues to reach and inspire millions to participate and post tributes in regards to the 9-11 Day of Observance. I, other family members, stars within the entertainment industry, etc were apart of the 15 million dollar campaign. 4. Along with recently attending with family as VIP Guests, at the Walter E. Convention Center, The America’s Sunday Supper with Educational Activist and Nine-Time Grammy Award Winner John Legend.

Helping my Church and Churches around the world, recently donating 8′ of my own hair to a  ( A 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization ) titled: Children with Hair Loss, and so much more.

Are there any people in your field you would like to meet and/or work with and have not yet had the opportunity?

There are so many talented people in my fields that I would like to meet and work with. I have had the pleasure to meet and work with incredible people, but one example in the literary field: a famous author I would love to meet is Jack Canfield. He is the author of Children Soup For The Soul Series. I would like to one day, as well, meet Oprah Winfrey and be interviewed by her. In the music field I would love to meet Mariah Carey, Josh Groban, Carrie Underwood, Andre Bocelli, CeCe Wiinan, Celine Dion, and many others. Possibly one day do a duet with these incredible artists and many other artists.

What are some of your favorite ways to network?

Some of my favorite ways to network are at social meet and greets, online: through Facebook, Twitter, my website, radio, t.v., newspapers, magazines, etc.

Do you have a mentor – if so how did you choose one another? If not, is this something you think would benefit your career and is there anyone you would like to have as a mentor?

In my life I have and have had: family mentors, teachers from school who were mentors, and industry leaders that I have met, who as well became mentors to me. I am always open to listening to new ideas. I love learning and growing in my crafts, but of course in the end I always make the final decision to what I feel suits me. For example: When I was in fifth grade a very special teacher and friend, Ms. Tighe saw my talent’s, especially as a writer and gave me more encouragement to pursue my dream of becoming an author. I always wanted to be an author, especially when I got more deeper into my writing. I was striving for that, along with being a Professional Music Artist, but to have my teacher who has now returned home to our Lord Jesus, be there by my side, helping in my craft, is a Blessing that I forever cherish. She always gave me the utmost unconditional love and support a teacher and friend could. To me she was family.

What have you learned from your mentor? What do you hope to learn?

From all the mentors in my life I have learned a lot. Not only in my respected fields, but also in regards to life itself. They each have given me something I hold with lock and key that I carry with me in all that I do. They were teaching stepping stones that never run out of style.

What’s been the most surprising thing that has happened to you so far in your career?

Everything that has happened in my career in one way or another has surprised me in a great way. Surprising me more along the lines of being exciting. A surprise excitement. One thing in particular is recently being Nominated for an Award titled: “50 Great Writer’s You Should Be Reading”  for my book titled: Suzanne Lantana: A Collection of Short Stories, Fiction and Non-Fiction.

What do you do for fun/relaxation?

I love to do all sorts of things for fun and relaxation. Go to Church, hanging out with family and friends, going to the movies, read books ( My Holy Bible being #1 ) , travel, going to the beach, going to a concert or a play, listening to music, shopping, cooking, dancing, writing, making music, etc.

Any parting advice for someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?

My advice for someone who would like to follow in my footsteps is: Never ever give up on your dreams, always go for your goals. Love and respect one another. Work hard, stay dedicated and never loose hope. Nothing great in life is ever easy, but when you work hard and stay focused through faith everything works itself out and comes together even greater than you could of ever imagined. No matter how old or how young a person is, dreams do come true. I AM LIVING PROOF OF THAT as are others living out their dream’s.

What’s the best way for our readers to connect with you?

The best way for readers to connect with me are at the following:

My website: www.SuzanneLantana.com ,

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/melissa-pettignano/22/508/130,

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MelissaPettignano1 or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Melissa-Pettignano/59036876537 ,

Twitter: @SingerAuthor01,

Instagram: #MissyP01 .