This week’s featured Woman on the move is Dominique M. Carson, Massage Therapist & Freelance Journalist. This is her interview

Career Paths: Writing has been my life-long passion since I was nine years old.  I knew I was going to be a journalist when I watched Teen Summit after watching BET. I also edited my classmate, Erika Booker’s essay in the fourth grade. My grandparents and mother respected my path and prepared me to be a voracious reader and writer. I published my first article when I was 16 and interviewed rapper/actor, Drake when he was on the cast of Degrassi. I wrote articles throughout my college career and over the years, I interviewed over 100 celebrities and wrote more than 50 reviews. My articles have been featured on,, Bleu Magazine, Dapper Dads, Amsterdam News, NBC News, The, and other community news outlets.
Second career Massage Therapy: My grandmother discovered my gift when I was 17. She said I was also going to do something else with my hands. My mother was my first guinea pig and mentioned my skills. I also massaged people as my side hustle in college but I didn’t take it seriously until I was 25/26. I graduated from massage school in 2019. I received my NYS massage license in October 2019 and National Certification in July 2019. Bliss Soho in New York City hired me on November 20th, 2019 and I am also establishing a private mobile massage therapy business within the five boroughs and the Tri-State area. I am an independent contractor for three other massage companies as well. I perform chair massages for the three companies as well.
Most fulfilling projects I’ve been apart of thus far: 1. Board Member for the Brooklyn College Alumni Association 2. It’s My Park Award Projects with my former Man Up! Inc’s Job Development Center colleagues. 3. Completing a Research Projects on Lefferts Manor. 4. Journalism Alumni Speak about Work & Life in New America. 5. Hundreds of Heads’ (Book) Reporter & Interviewer. 6. Volunteering as a Student Massage Therapist for Queensborough Community College’s Stress Fair.
Favorite ways to network: I love interacting with people through seminars and other recreational activities associated with my interests and career aspirations.
People in your field you will like to network with: More American Massage Therapy Association members, Ruth Werner; she wrote the book, “A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, 5th Edition. Danyell Smith, or Elliott Wilson.
Do I have a mentor? Yes, I have quite a few mentors based on career paths, common interest, deportment, and skills.
Lessons from Mentors: take risks, utilize opportunities that will further your career and personal development, learn from your failures so you can celebrate your triumphs, and don’t ever get comfortable.
Fun/Relaxation: spending time with my fiance, loved ones, including friends, writing, massaging, love comedy, traveling, resting, and exercising more for my physical and mental health.
Surprising Events that Took Place in Your Career: I have two careers I love, interviewed notable figures in entertainment, working at a legendary spa in New York City right out of massage school, and my engagement.
Advice for someone who would like to follow in your footsteps: If you want to fly like an eagle, don’t mix with turkeys in the barnyard. In other words, pay attention to your circle. If your circle doesn’t represent your values, then you need to omit them out of your space. Don’t be afraid to grow and challenge yourself more and more every day.
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**To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful.- Edward R. Murrow**