"Meet Crystal Victoria, Founder of Target Evolution Inc."Meet Crystal Victoria, Founder of Target Evolution Inc.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do professionally.

I’m grateful to say I’m a published author, speaker, and entrepreneur who is interested in assisting our economy with job creation. I’m very passionate about positioning our young leaders of tomorrow to create a better world for their future children and grandchildren through entrepreneurship.

The thing I enjoy most about my profession is the ability to assist people in the creation of a business idea. I am always excited when others see that a business or a vision they’ve always had is possible. I chose to help people overcome the hurdles associated with basic business startup because I was once a business broker who sold businesses. The selling of a business was sometimes difficult for the business owner, and messy for a broker, such as myself, in gathering all the facts to accurately valuate the business. It was my aspiration to help others with the more joyful side of business ownership, which is startup. The inspiration for my company came from my friends, whom were my first team and support system. We wanted to create a business to help other young minorities in the area become business owners. We started together almost three years ago, and then decided to go our separate ways but I kept the business going.

The newest project that I’ve been working on is creating a business incubator educational institution. Basically, this concept will allow individuals to use funds traditionally for educational purposes to start a business. We all know it’s easier to get money for education than to start a business.

Another project I’m currently working on is creating an entrepreneurship program for people on probation and overcoming adversities, in addition to, people in the system with a low risk background. A program like this would help them reintegrate into society and become productive citizens.

A typical day for me consist of me starting off with meditation and relaxation. Afterwards, I immediately began working on my to do list or creating one for the day. Usually I check all emails, make phone calls, update social networking and websites to help me better create the list for the day and the week. Sometimes I go to my office and sometimes I work from home. In everything I do, I’m actively working and networking with others toward a common goal or mission. After I’m done with my day, I’ll attend a networking event or come home and read a book or work on writing my own. At the end of each day, I meditate, reflect, and relax.

In the community, I strive to be a leader for young minority women. I’ve worked with high schools and young adults from all backgrounds on overcoming obstacles. It’s important to me to become that mentor that I needed growing up and to help our youth stay on track. I’m very passionate about helping our teenagers avoid the pitfalls associated with growing pains and peer pressure. So often, do teens keep quiet about the issues bothering them, and I just want to be that person they can trust to talk to.

The biggest risk I ever took professionally was giving up my apartment and furniture and going homeless. I believed in myself and God enough to give it all up for my passion. It wasn’t easy and so many days I thought I was crazy, but I never gave up. The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome was my past. I was determined to prove myself a woman worthy of an opportunity. I worked three times as hard as everyone else, and still had to get past my past. I wrote an autobiography detailing many bad decisions I made growing up to inspire our youth to avoid trouble and learn from my mistakes. This was healing therapy for me and helped me to fix myself by facing my fears and my truth in the mirror. Once I did it, I felt free and a thousand pound weight lifted from my shoulders. However, there are still some that aren’t very receptive to me because of that courageous endeavor, but I HAD to get that junk out of me to save our teenagers and myself.

I draw a lot of inspiration from Oprah Winfrey and her show “Super Soul Sunday”. Another inspiration for me is Dr. Farrah Gray. I’m particularly grateful to have so many mentors and role models. Today I have four business and life coaches, who help me make think accurately for myself. A lot of times I have to go out in nature to clear my mind and regroup, but meditation has been the key to power for me. It’s amazing what taking time out everyday to breathe has done in my life.

To keep myself sharp, I meditate and read daily. Most importantly, I feed my mind with positive and motivational literature and thoughts. Constantly, I’m checking my thoughts and making sure they line up with the most positive energies in the universe. Yes, I get mad and frustrated, but I give myself a time limit on overcoming the process. Also, I keep a vision board and make new ones every year. It’s important that my goals and desires stay at the forefront of my mind to keep me from worrying or being afraid. These activities have impacted my life and business in tremendous ways.

I’d like to learn how to become a better leader and person. I’d like to grow into my purpose and unfold like a rose. I think it’s a beautiful thing to see someone blossom, and that’s what I’d love to truly do from the inside out.

In five years, I see myself as a New York Times Best Seller and on the fast track to becoming one of the greatest motivational speakers of our time. I live for motivating and inspiring others to believe and achieve great things. It’s this motivational aspect of me that enables me to help others create a business so well. People usually leave me pretty empowered!

For fun, I like to hang out with friends and watch comedy movies. Laughter is my way of life. In everything I do, I incorporate fun and laughter. Sometimes people question whether to take me seriously or not, but I’m something like a funny genius. I may have a joke to tell or something funny to say, but when it comes to business I’m good at what I do and getting better daily.

The last thing I’d like to share with readers is a quote that I live by and I remember in everything I do. “The sky is NOT the limit cause there are footprints on the moon!” My book is called “From the Streets to the Skies No Limits: Diary of a Boss Lady”, and there are no limits to what we can achieve on this planet if only we will give it a shot. I’ve been through hell and back, I’ve seen things that are some people’s worse nightmare, I’ve experienced things that would make some people angry and insane, but I’m still here with a smile on my face. The key to my strength lies in the fact that I KNOW nothing happens without reason, and knowledge of that makes me always look for the lesson to be learned in every situation. This will make a strong person out of anybody.

The best way for readers to connect with me is via my Facebook page www.facebook.com/bossladydiary or through my twitter www.twitter.com/diaryboss .

For more information visit: www.targetevolution.org , as well as my personal site www.CrystalVictoria.com