"Meet Top 100 Who's Who Shannon Cherry"Shannon Cherry, APR, MA is President of Be Heard Solutions, a Marketing and Public Relations Firm (Started in 2002)

Shannon Cherry, Your Creative Relationship Marketing Expert, helps you do to create a powerful presence online and offline to make more profits quickly. Her background as a PR and marketing pro, as well as a TV reporter and anchor, combined with a unique ability to see through the clutter, gives her the expertise to build your exposure, increasing your credibility and visibility.

For more than 18 years, she has helped businesses increase their traffic, fill seats in programs and get more profits. She founded Be Heard Solutions in 2002 to help helped experienced and ambitious, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants to create and grow the business they desire– without compromising on their sincerity and principles.

She proudly walks her talk: Shannon’s business has been debt-free since its inception and she consistently works only 25-27 hours per week to spend more time with her family in the capital of New York.

Her first live experience and workshop is planned for June 2012 in historic Saratoga Springs, NY where she will share how to grow and market a business without incurring any debt.

For more information visit: http://BeHeardSolutions.com

Note: Shannon is one of WE Magazine for Women’s Top 100 Women in Ecommerce™ for 2012. To read about the other 99 women, visit (PDF): http://bit.ly/whoswho2012 or (turning page): http://bit.ly/wewhoswho2012