Lorraine Cohen, Spiritual Life Coach, Transformational Leader and Guide, Broadcaster is President of Powerfull Living (Started in 1986)

President of Powerfull Living, Reverend Dr. Lorraine Cohen is a gifted spiritual coach, advisor, popular broadcaster and in-demand speaker. A new thought leader in the areas of entrepreneurship, personal transformation, and spiritual awakening, she has guided THOUSANDs of conscious women to overcome the limitations of their mind, to know their value, claim their Divine Power, and live their purpose in alignment with their spirit.

“Growing yourself as person and having the guts to face your shadows are critical keys to living a prosperous, joyfull life as an Awakened, powerfull woman in this new world consciousness. I know what it’s like to be held back by fears and feelings of “not good enough”! I am passionate about helping women like you to shed the past, transform fear into POWER, and take your place as a shining Light in the world”.

Her signature programs, “Awakening Your Courageous Heart” and “Pathways To Awakening” mini journeys are intuitively guided to assist you to transform and transcend a painful past to a powerful present and a joyful future in partnership with the Divine. Currently as virtual programs, Lorraine envisions retreats and opportunities to connect with groups more intimately in 2012 and beyond.”

Note: Lorraine is one of WE Magazine for Women’s Top 100 Women in Ecommerce™ for 2012. To read about the other 99 women, visit (PDF): http://bit.ly/whoswho2012 or (turning page): http://bit.ly/wewhoswho2012