Baeth Davis is President of The Hand Analyst, Inc. (Started in 2005)

For the past 12 years, Baeth Davis’s entire focus has been on one thing and one thing only: helping you and thousands of entrepreneurs discover their Life Purposes through a breakthrough, time-proven scientific system called Hand Analysis. Baeth then helps you MONETIZE Your Purpose so that you can get PAID FOR YOUR PASSIONS and, as Gandhi said, BE the change you want to see in the world.

Baeth’s unique form of spiritual teaching balances metaphysical spirituality (defining and understanding Your Purpose as you came here to live it) with real-world business skills. The owner of a successful 7-figure business, Baeth has been heard on NPR, Radio Europe and the BBC-5 as well as featured in Women’s World, Cosmopolitan, LA Times and many other publications. She is a frequent television and radio guest. She currently has two TV projects in pre-production. Her goal with the team is to bring the power of Life Purpose discovery to 1 million people in the next two years.

Note:Baeth is one of WE Magazine for Women’s Top 100 Women in Ecommerce™ for 2012. To read about the other 99 women, visit (PDF): or (turning page):