Meet Tashia Rahl from The HLN Company

Tell us about who you are and how you became passionate about styling men women and kids. One thing that sets me apart from most is that I grew up in quite a few different places around the world – when you move a lot as a kid, you develop that new kid “syndrome”  …you are an outsider no matter how much you are welcomed – you have to learn new culture, new language, new foods, new forms of transportation & money, and of course- diplomacy! Moreover, I constantly felt the need to, kind of, re-invent myself. [yet still stay true to who I was!!] It wasn’t ever horrible – it just seemed horrible at the time, What I took away from that living experience is that when you present yourself, that presentation speaks volumes. The way you present your image becomes the catalyst for how people treat you.. good. not-so-good.…sometimes, maltreated, but rarely is it “indifferent”. People notice how you put yourself together & your overall hygiene, and unconsciously decide where you came from and what you are about! Therefore, I love to indulge people for how they want to see themselves…and how they would like to progress.

What have you done that’s out of the box? Spent my early childhood growing up in a small German village…Learned to drive a Porsche stick shift at age 13 in the desert in Saudi Arabia with a pal while we skipped an equestrian lesson…worked as a house model for an haute couture designer in St Tropez and worked closely with Hollywood A-List clients…worked on 7th avenue/nyc which led me to become a merchandise mgr designing & overseeing production in Turkey exactly 6 weeks before I flew back in time for my wedding in club med/turqs & caicos…Produced a few fashion show “extravaganzas” …Styled celebrities for the red carpet and dignitaries for the white house…some of my experiences are out of ordinary. I am grateful that God has blessed me with this gift of patience: it takes time to figure out what people want and to be on their exact wave-length. We dress people from ceo status to mom’s who simply need a change… it’s not all out of the box.

How does it feel to live so ‘on the edge’? Humble. Grounded –my parents constantly remind me to keep my feet planted. Otherwise, it feels odd to not have exuberant amounts of adrenaline~

What makes your company differ from others? We treat clients the way we would want to be treated – first, no commissions or gifts from stores are accepted. I go the extra mile in figuring out what people really want out of life then follow “the process”. I designed a specific process for my company that organizes the wardrobe completely, a very focused path is made for each client so that getting dressed is done without effort and without stress for their unique way of life…the end result [besides the compliments!] is looking and feeling like you will CONQUER  PEOPLE TREAT YOU DIFFERENTLY WHEN YOU LOOK REALLY GOOD EVERY DAY.

What do you enjoy the most about your profession? Actually, my most favorite part is designing a new closet – we like to call it an individualized sanctuary where you store your wardrobe…and some favorite possessions! However, NOTHING is better than receiving a message that our clients ‘got the promotion’, ‘got the date’, ‘nailed the meeting’, or simply got so many compliments that made their night! ABSOLUTELY NO GREATER SATISFACTION IN THE WORLD THAN HEARING THOSE MESSAGES ~ [with the exception of my family]

So what’s on the “to do” list for the next year? We are in the stages of planning a program for underprivileged high-school kids to learn the importance of a polished image –we love “cool” “hip” and “trendy”, but when you interview for internships, college, or jobs, the focus should be on the image of said place of internship, college or business. We tell them, “You get to represent ‘you’ when you own your own business!” We dress men women and kids to even do just that!!! When you dress the part, you can do far more than you anticipated!

You can contact Tashia via email – or call her voicemail 561.573.9003 ..for more insight on “the process” of being well dressed, check out the company web-site – [turn up the volume!]