Sheryl Stanton is President of Stress Relief For Life (Started in 2005)

Sheryl Stanton R.N. didn’t set out to be a Stress-Relief Specialist. She was just looking for a way to restore her own health. After being in bed for 3 months with a stress-related illness, she was told there was nothing the doctors could do and that she would have to accept a limited lifestyle. Stanton was only 45 years old and not willing to accept this, so she started

After 8 years of studying many branches of complementary health and energy therapy, Stanton found that Emotional Freedom Technique, also called EFT or Tapping , restored her health and her life! Through EFT, she learned about and eliminated the unconscious negative belief systems that had controlled her whole life. They were what caused her to get sick in the first place.

Looking around, Stanton saw that multitudes of people were also suffering from similar negative belief systems. Since then, she has been on a mission to inform others who are presently living overstressed, unhappy and unhealthy lives, that EFT can help them regain their personal power and restore their peace, joy, happiness and health. EFT can free them to start rebuilding their lives, the way they want it to be. For more information, visit:

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