Kendall SummerHawk is President of Heart of Success, Inc(Started in 2000)

Kendall SummerHawk is known as the “Million Dollar Marketing Coach.” She is the Co-founder of The International Association of Women in Business Coaching (IAWBC) and the creator of the Money Breakthrough Method Coach Training Program (MBM), the Certified Money, Marketing and Soul’s Coach Training Program (CMMS) and the Certified Niche Breakthrough Coach program.

Kendall works with women to help them transform their relationship with money so they can experience the success and financial freedom they’ve always wanted. Her marketing expertise and insight have helped thousands of women start and grow businesses that reflect their Soul’s Divine Purpose.

She is the winner of numerous awards and is a Master Level Coach, speaker, author and workshop leader, and her work has touched the lives of thousands of women throughout the world. Kendall happily leads a successful, multi- 7-figure coaching company delivering the message that you deserve to be financially successful by fulfilling your Soul’s Divine Purpose via a thriving business. She believes that making great money is part of your spiritual path.

Her business goals include heading the premier coach training organization in the country and serving as a mentor to women around money and business. For more information visit: and

Note: Kendall is one of WE Magazine for Women’s Top 100 Women in Ecommerce™ for 2012. To read about the other 99 women, visit (PDF): or (turning page):