Colleen Slater is Founder of 60 Minute Affiliate (Started in 2005)

Just four short years ago, Colleen was a working mom to her two young daughters, and like the great majority of us, was a homemaker whilst also holding down a full time day job to help give her family the quality of life she knew they deserved.

Searching the internet for other ways to enhance that quality of life, she came across affiliate marketing, and developed a method of creating super-effective affiliate marketing niche blogs.

The rest, to use that well worn cliche, is history.

Now famous worldwide as the ‘60 Minute Affiliate’ (after the amount of time each day she initially had available to put into her business), she is acknowledged as one of the ‘Go To’ people in Internet Marketing Coaching.

This year Colleen created her “Amazon Treasure Chest” – the biggest selling Affiliate training course ever – which taught nearly 6000 people how to set up their own affiliate marketing business.

Colleen says: “I’m living proof that if you want something enough, you can make it happen. For me, there is no better feeling in the world than helping women gain their independence by giving them an affordable step by step plan to work to, and the support they need, to start their own internet business.”

Her online businesses now cover everything from Affiliate Marketing Coaching, SEO and backlinking, through to Web Graphics and WordPress theme creation.

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