"Meet to Marry by Bari Lyman is Worth Reading"In Bari Lyman’s new book, Meet To Marry: A Dating Revelation for the Marriage Minded helps singles find their way to true lasting love at any age . Her book encourages singles to recognize their blind spots and change the mind sets that hinder relationships so they have their own dating revelation A loving relationship is defined by living in harmony with ourselves while being visable to our partners.

Meet To Marry hits the marital mark by asking thought provoking questions and addressing elements of marriage readiness. Readers will learn what it takes to be clear, confident and have a major shift in their dating experience.

There is a three-step program—Assess, Attract and Act—guides daters through the entire process of moving from single to married. Unlike other dating approaches, Meet to Marry works from the inside out, using a principled approach of self-reflection and clarification about the core attributes of one’s ideal partner. Meet to Marry is a breakthrough in being marriage ready.

• Assess marriage readiness

• Attract an ideal spouse

• Act in the present by dating for marriage

The Meet to Marry philosophy is a paradigm shift of principled, refreshing ways to think about marriage and it’s a philosphy that challenges the status quo.

Meet to Marry demonstrates that we are all responsible for who shows up in our lives by helping singles find their “dating blind spots” and challenging stereotypes and negativity with reality and self-affirming facts that cause major breakthroughs in love and connection.

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Bari has coached hundreds of singles and included many true life stories of singles finding their marriage partner – it is an entertaining and thought provoking book. Singles become clear on how to choose a spouse based on shared values and life goals. They also learn the real steps to find their right match based on a time-tested principle: “who” the person is, not only what they do,” declares Bari Lyman.”