This week’s woman on a mission is Rebeccah Silence, founder of Inspired Results and the world’s leading coach for emotional healing and relationships. She is the author of Coming Back to Life, host of The Healing IS Possible Experience and the Tougher Together Breakthrough Podcast, and the creator of The Emotional Survival Kit Course. Rebeccah teaches us how to become our own healer, how to love and trust ourselves, and how to be our best for others and the world.

This is her interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do professionally.

As an Emotional Healing and Relationship Coach, my message is that healing, specifically emotional healing, meaning healing through childhood wounds and traumas, so that the past no longer bleeds into the present, is available to anyone who wants that. I wrote my first book Coming Back to Life, A Roadmap to Healing from Pain to Create the Life You Want, to give people hope that not only is it true that healing is possible, for all of us, but to show them how to heal their past so that they can be free to live fully expressed. The Practice of Emotional Healing that I created and live myself, teach, and coach, allows my clients, readers, and audiences to, regardless of circumstances, powerfully experience what it’s like to use life and even trauma to their advantage. I show people how to experience whatever they need to experience in order to heal so that they can move beyond traumas, heartbreaks, and emotional wounds that are running and maybe even ruining their lives. We can heal what may seem impossible to heal, and my work shows people that they have the power to experience whatever it is that hurt them in a new way, beyond just surviving it, so that they can live life truly free of whatever happened, actually leaving it in the past.

 What do you enjoy most about your profession and why did you choose it in the first place? 

What I enjoy most about the honor of coaching is watching my clients heal and breakthrough what they once thought they would never be able to heal. From there they create their lives from a clear, grounded, and powerful place and they belong to themselves again. Their lives are theirs. I’ve watched marriages heal, families heal, and people heal, the unimaginable. I believe that we all have an inner healer inside of us. And that’s the part of each of us that has the capacity and capability to heal and transform any painful experience we’ve gone through or are currently facing. We’re either living and experiencing more life or we’re held hostage by our past, and we just don’t have to be held hostage by our past or our trauma. And I truly believe that it’s possible to use trauma to our advantage and to live how we want to live and to live our dream come true lives. There’s a lot of power in focusing on our innate ability to control the experience of life we’re having versus trying to manage and manipulate events and external circumstances. Watching people experience what it means to be emotionally clear is my favorite part of what I do for a living.

What was the inspiration for your company/project?

Knowing with certainty that regardless of circumstances, possibility, miracles and transformation are always available, keeps me inspired and keeps me going. After severe childhood abuse, eating disorders, getting out of a domestic violence marriage with a two-year-old, and in my mid-thirties getting diagnosed with cancer, while pregnant with my second child, I have found that focusing on external circumstances and needing the external world to look just so, or to change in order for me to be okay, kept me powerless and in a perpetual trauma response to life. I knew there had to be a better way and once I recognized that no matter what I could be the version of myself that I wanted to be, and could feel how I wanted to feel, in the face of any circumstance, I became free. My company was born to allow me to live my dream of helping those that want it to pursue their most glorious vision of making life the way they imagine it could be their reality.

Tell us about any new projects you have coming up (or recently completed).

In addition to publishing Coming Back to Life, I also created The Emotional Survival Kit Online Course in 2022. In the course, I take each student on their own personal healing journey. They learn my seven steps to emotional healing which offers them the opportunity to have a new relationship with their feelings and their emotions, and with themselves. I teach that there are only five emotions in the practice of emotional healing, which I also explain in Coming Back to Life, they are: anger, fear, grief, joy, and excitement. Life helps us try to heal by giving us the same patterns in different costumes with different characters until we learn the lessons and heal old wounds. And most of the time people repress their emotions again and again instead of giving themselves the gift of healing and breakthrough. It’s understandable that they don’t want to open up Pandora’s box for fear that they will die, literally.  The course helps with what is needed to get to the root of what happened and to the root of the pain patterns to allow for true healing. I’ve given the best I’ve got in less than three hours and that’s enough for each student to permanently change their life for the better. We can’t change the events, but we can change the experience we’re having about what happened. That’s the magic.

What is a typical day like for you?

Mornings are for grounding, meditation, movement, and coffee. Then there is coaching, content creation, and enjoying every moment of breakthrough with my clients. Evenings are for family, friends, and celebrating the day, life, and what’s been created. And then I read, or watch a great movie, and rest. Adventure, play, love, connection, creativity, learning, and gratitude, are also a part of my everyday life.

Tell us about your community involvement – what you are passionate about outside of work and home and why/how you participate?

At 31 years old I was given a weekly morning radio show on the local TOP 40 station in my hometown community in Upstate NY. I couldn’t believe what we did with that platform and the incredible response we got. That show, which we called “Confession Tuesday,” became appointment listening and went to #1 in the first two months. We aired for close to a decade every Tuesday morning and the show and my voice became a way for people to learn that more and better were available to them. We were played on school buses, and in waiting rooms. I heard over and over again how listeners would wait in their cars on their way to work until the segments ended because they didn’t want to miss one word. I am still on the radio every week in that community. In Colorado, where I live now, I serve the community on Denver News regularly and I serve in the online Healing IS Possible community daily, offering hope and healing to those who want it. I am hired by countless businesses, school districts, couples, families, and individuals across the globe that want more for themselves and their communities. It’s an honor to serve.

What is the biggest risk you ever took professionally and/or the biggest obstacle you have overcome?

I made a very difficult choice to quit chemotherapy during cancer treatment. There were no other treatments available, it was the only treatment option left once surgeries had removed all cancer that the Doctor’s could find. To be clear I do not recommend that anyone else going through cancer quit chemo, but for me, I knew the chemo was killing me and I was losing the use of my right leg. I had what’s called drop foot. There was so much nerve damage and the side effects of chemo were excruciating. One day I woke up with the inner me screaming, you need to quit not only chemo, but all of these medications they have you on to manage the side effects, or you’ll be dead. If I hadn’t listened. If I hadn’t decided that the external wasn’t more important than the internal, that the internal was the only thing to listen to, I would have been listening to the statistics. I would’ve been listening to all of the fear-based theories the doctors had about my prognosis, and I would have stayed in somebody else’s path of what would heal me instead of discovering my own. And we all have our own unique paths and our own unique ability to answer our own questions. And when we’re seeking the external for validation, for approval, comfort, security, or certainty, we stay powerless. And it just doesn’t have to be that way. Quitting chemo was the most significant risk that I’ve ever taken and I’m grateful I have the strength to listen to my soul so that I could live.

From where do you draw inspiration? Who have been your role models, mentors, etc?

Possibility inspires me. Knowing that there is always access to miracles inspires me. A deep desire to live fully expressed inspires me. I operate under the premise that, no matter what, it’s possible to be more so that I can experience more of the best of what life has to offer and I am committed to living in a way that allows me to experience the best of myself so that I can offer the best of myself to every life in front of me. Over the years I’ve participated in over one hundred seminars where I was a student. I have had my own coaches for almost twenty years. Each one helped me discover a new way of living as well as a new way of being that has given me the ability to create what I want in any and all moments and seasons of my life.

What do you do to keep yourself sharp? What one thing have you done in the past year that has made a significant difference in your life/your business?

Investing in weekly coaching with my extraordinary coach keeps me sharp, clear, happy, and at my best. Producing The Emotional Survival Kit Course while simultaneously publishing my first book changed me and my business for the better this year. Scaling my message and methods was a dream for many years but this year products were born that allows my work to reach even more lives and hearts.

What one thing would you like to learn this year?

My word for 2022 was reciprocity. My word for 2023 is relaxed. What I look forward to learning how to get better at is keeping my default, energetic and emotional state relaxed, neutral, and going in the direction of my desires, no matter what. I’m so much more relaxed than I’ve ever been. But for me, that’s the ultimate lesson. I heard Elizabeth Gilbert say at a seminar that I went to this year, the most relaxed person in the room is the most powerful person in the room. Staying relaxed, grounded, and centered so that I can enjoy and be my best is my next-level journey, lesson, and focus.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What I see is a TV show that showcases the healing and trauma work that I do with my clients. Each episode will be a case study highlighting what’s possible and will leave viewers feeling healed after witnessing the healings and breakthroughs of the guests on the show. More books will be available. I will continue to live into optimal wellness and will be traveling the globe exploring, experiencing, and enjoying personally and professionally. And most importantly, I will be connecting with other thought leaders to collaborate and serve humanity at the highest levels all while also staying profoundly connected to my husband, children, friends, and family. The Practice of Emotional Healing will also be more well-known, understood, and integrated for millions upon millions around the world.

What do you do for fun/relaxation/entertainment?

I enjoy experiences like getting outside, reading, candlelit bubble baths, Monday night date night every week with my husband, time with my kids, writing, and excellent movies. I also very much enjoy travel and this year was blessed to take a trip to Ecuador with my oldest who is now 18. Yoga, pilates, my Peloton, and regular massages bring me much joy and relaxation as well.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

You are stronger than anything you’ve ever survived. If my life could be mine, even in the face of my trauma, yours can be yours too. Just let yourself slowly, moment by moment, minute by minute, flirt with possibility. Ask yourself in a moment that you feel stuck or trapped, what is possible here that I would want, even if I don’t see how I could create it? And even that questioning, that inquiry of what’s possible now, it gives you access to a part of you that has the strength to create it. You are deserving of life beyond survival, whatever that looks like for you. And you are the author, you are the director of your own life. You having the courage to create what you desire models so much possibility for everyone you encounter.

What’s the best way for the readers of WE Magazine for Women to connect with you?

Please visit On the website, there’s a free Trigger & Trauma Release Method Masterclass that’s just 20 minutes. You can sign up right away to experience more of how I help people connect to their bodies so that they can connect to their emotions so that they can connect to themselves. You can also find me on the Rebeccah Silence YouTube channel.