"ellen sue burton at britto"Meet Ellen Sue Burton, Publisher of DUO Magazine in South Florida and Founder of Do Unto Others Day – a Woman on a Mission!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do professionally.

After leaving the University of Florida in 1975, I married Andre S. Burton, CPA, my husband of 36 years and practiced Court Reporting for the next 20 years. Thereafter I dabbled in numerous other businesses including event planning, interior design, property management, writing, and editing. Three years ago after working as a Public Relations Director and Editor with another South Florida publication I consulted my 52 year old body and 25 year old spirit as I prognosticated the second half of my journey. I realized that my primary profession of mother and housewife had slipped slowly through my fingers landing squarely in the hands of my now independent children, fellow Gators, Michelle (2004) and David (2009). Wallowing in my uselessness would not be an option. Opportunity knocked. . . or rather called on the phone. . . and in 2008 the President of the PTA would become the Publisher of DUO.

How did you become publisher of DUO Magazine. In other words what was the inspiration for starting a magazine especially in this economy?

As a five-year-old I walked down the street holding a cardboard canister as my aunt knocked on doors raising money for Cystic Fibrosis (an illness her youngest daughter succumbed to at 34 years old). I am now all grown up and walking down a different road knocking on different doors. My newborn, DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine, “The Little Magazine making a Big Difference” brings somebody new and somebody wonderful in to my world on an hourly basis: Unsung Heroes, charities, foundations, people changing lives. From mom to publisher. Trading homeworking with kids to networking with celebrities. It seems so surreal. I may not have precious little arms wrapped around my neck anymore; but I am now keeping warm and snuggly with the cyber hugs I get in the e-mails I receive from readers, my staunch supporters, who applaud my latest endeavors and are rooting for my success every step of the way. “Dare to live. Dare to give.” It seems like only yesterday that I came up with the motto for what then was just a vision. Now I’m not only living it. . . I’m loving it!

What makes DUO different from other magazines?

DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine is more than just a Magazine; it’s a Movement! It’s a heartfelt journey through the endeavors of the charitable organizations and Unsung Heroes who are changing lives and making a difference.

Who is your target audience?

Recession-proof jetsetters, entrepreneurs, charitable organizations, and philanthropists, people with art on their walls and music in their hearts.

I understand you have created a holiday of the same name, “Do Unto Others” month/Day. Tell us how that came about and what your goals are with the day?

“Do Unto Others” month/day is an event that I have envisioned since the inception of the magazine. I wanted an opportunity to celebrate those caring individuals who believe in the success-driven philosophy “If you give it up, you’ll get it back.” I’ve created this celebration to thank those Compassionate Capitalists who pay forward a portion of their day-to-day earnings to those in need, to those who receive more pleasure in giving than receiving. I wanted to extend an invitation to these loving individuals to join forces and share a portion of themselves, either monetarily, physically, or spiritually with those whose lives are less blessed than theirs.

How can our readers get involved?"ellen sue burton at disney world"

Log on to www. DUOmagazine.com to submit stories about themselves or others who are changing lives, paying it forward, making a difference not only this day, but every day. Make a donation, mow a lawn, lend a shoulder for someone to cry on. To DUO Magazine, “Making Miracles Matters the Most”. Go out and make a miracle happen. And on February 24th, embrace yourself for being somebody who truly makes a difference in this world.

Where do you see yourself/ your holiday in 5 years?

I am optimistic that “Do Unto Others” Month/Day will become a nationally recognized holiday, with February 24th being the day that we take time off to recognize those in our families, our lives, our businesses, community activists, and Public Service employees with award ceremonies, written commendations, media coverage. . . or even just a warm embrace and a great big thank you.

What’s the best way for our readers to connect with you?