Meet Kim Lysik Di Santi Of Total Strategy in Reston, VA 

Kim Lysik Di Santi launched her executive coaching business, Total Strategy, in 1999, after working 19 years in sales and marketing. In ten years, she has logged nearly 3,000 hours coaching more than 185 clients. She is ranked among the top nine percent in the coaching profession. Her business is fueled with monthly retainers from long-term clients.  She serves on Board of the Washington, D.C., Chapter of National Organization of Women Business Owners and as director of programs and events.

A leading authority in the administration and analysis of behavioral assessments, Kim is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) and a Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA). She works with Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Executive and Sales Professionals to help them increase their revenue. About 65 to 70% of Kim’s clients are women.

At mid-career, and with a successful business coaching practice, Kim became a first-time mother in 2005. She was 43. She learned by doing – juggling roles as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, pet owner, friend, confidante and cheerleader to her clients. Since then, Kim has added a niche to her repertoire: teaching other women how to combine a career and motherhood.

Being her own boss, Kim could make the necessary adjustments. She coaches her clients three days a week and uses the other two days for administrative work and play time with her son. She takes nine to 12 weeks off a year because she believes that motherhood is her most important job during her son’s formative years.

The biggest hurdle for Kim in starting her own business was recognizing that success doesn’t happen all at once. She learned that patience and persistence are keys to turning a business idea into reality. Because she is an entrepreneur herself, she can coach other entrepreneurs not just from theory but from experience. 

Outspoken and pithy, Kim has been quoted in articles in Washington Woman Magazine, The Washington Post, Washington Business Journal, Wall Street Journal, and the Times Community Newspapers. Also, she was a nominee for the Fast Company 2005 “Fast 50” Competition.

Kim is a contributing author to the book: A Guide to Getting It – Branding and Marketing Mastery: Ideas and Tools from Business Coaches to Help You to Achieve Success. She has written an article on “Networking: The Insider’s Guide to Finding and Leveraging Your Best Opportunities” as well as numerous articles in the Loudoun County (VA) Chamber of Commerce Newsletters. She publishes a monthly eNewsletter.

A “solopreneur,” maintaining a successful home-based business, Kim is the recipient of the Home Based Business of the Year Award from the Loudoun County (VA) Chamber of Commerce. She has been actively involved in her son’s pre-school and has formed a play-date group with other mothers and their children. The group is part social, part support and all fun!

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