Paula WynnePaula Wynne is the author of Create A Successful Website, published in September 2010.

After a career as a publicist and marketer, Paula Wynne is an award-winning businesswoman, an online entrepreneur, woman’s ambassador, speaker, freelance writer and author.

Paula is also co-founder of Remote Employment, a specialist job board dedicated to remote and home working, and the organiser of the unique Remote Worker Awards, in association with BT Business.

Paula has been writing for many years and has written several novels, teen novels and three screenplays. Paula received an ‘Honourable Mention’ in the 75th Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition in the US.

Paula’s feature film, The Knowing, was nominated as WRITER of the MONTH for January 2007 on

About The Book

Create a Successful Website , a basic, visual step-by-step beginner’s guide to creating an online presence by ‘Doing it Yourself will feature a host of high profile experts and entrepreneurs and will be launched in September 2010.

Q & A

What’s the book about?

Create a Successful Website has been written for start ups, small business owners and anyone who wants a website – from a student profile or simple hobby site to a full throttle online business. This down to earth book will give readers the basics of creating a successful website, online business or web presence. Using screen shots, text and illustrations, Create a Successful Website, makes it easy for anyone to learn how to build a web presence, what pitfalls to watch out for and explains what to do in easy visual steps. Buy it now on Amazon or read more at

Why did you decide to write this book?

I used SEO to fight through the hardest keywords in the world – working from home – and helped Remote Employment to become Google’s No. 1 Worldwide for home based jobs, flexible jobs and working from home.

As such, I am often asked to talk on the subject, as well as creating a successful online presence. I’m always asked the same questions again and again. I found that so many start ups are in the same shoes as I was in a few years ago and I thought ‘I could write a book on how to create a successful website’. And so I did.

Who is the book for?

The book is ideal for Artists and Creatives, Associations, Actors and Sports Personalities, Authors and Writers, Book Clubs, Churches, New and Established Business, Career Hunters, Community Groups, Amateur Film Makers, Graduates and Students, Hobby-ists, Home Industry, Internet Entrepreneurs, Practitioners, Professionals and Freelancers, Party Plan Agents, Retailers and Tradespeople. Even people setting up a family website, in fact it’s for a whole A to Z spectrum of readers.

The book is already acknowledged for its easy to understand writing style. Was this planned?

I am thrilled with those comments. The angle’s unusual – I wanted to write a practical guide about creating a successful website for the beginner from a beginner’s point of view – the kind of book I couldn’t find when I was creating my business websites.

What was your inspiration for this book?

The inspiration for the book grabbed me after I was invited by BT to talk on the subject of creating online success at the everywoman conference in November last year. On the train home I was still buzzing after having met so many people who were in the same ‘novice’ shoes as I was only a few years ago and I decided to write a beginners guide on how to create a successful website.

create a successful websiteWhere can Create a Successful Website be purchased?

Bookstores and Amazon from September 2010

What’s next for you and your writing?

My second book, Pimp My Site, follows soon after Create A Successful Website. Pimp My Site is an online toolkit for Web 2 savvy marketers to optimize, promote, market and publicize a website. This book is aimed at new business start ups, small businesses and individual business owners who see the benefit of some sound ‘Do It Yourself’ advice.

What information did this book reveal that you believe the book’s readers will not already know?

There are so many things that readers and reviewers have commented on learning something new, depending on the person’s knowledge of the subject. Comments such as: The depth of content is outstanding. This book is a one stop shop for knowledge.

What principles did this book reinforce for you?

So far reviewers and reads of the book have made comments about the practical easy to understand narrative, it is said to be friendly and informative without being too techie.

Claire Young, The Apprentice, comments:

“It is rare to find someone who can combine technical language with business needs and common sense.”

How do you envisage people applying this book’s information in their everyday business?

The book is ideal for literally anyone who wishes to put up a site about anything and everything, from a simple hobby site to a full throttle online business. It will guide them through the complex world of web creation and help them to avoid the pitfalls that many entrepreneurs have faced.

So, who do you know who could benefit from such a book?

Anyone who has an interest in websites or wishes to put together their own blog site. It is aimed at start ups and small businesses wanting a web presence, but at the same time it will benefit anyone who wants to create a successful website.

What big benefit do you see this book having in the reader’s life?

Many people are already reporting that they have learnt so much and started applying the methods and techniques to their website. The ease of use of this book, should make one’s web life a breeze.

What would you most like about the book?

Varying comments from the easy to understand style and friendly tone, to the hits and tips jam packed into the book and lots of secret little nuances that only an internet entrepreneur would know.

For me: I loved sharing my ‘beginner’s’ knowledge and wanted to write a book for a beginner from a beginner’s point of view. I look forward to the book helping many start ups and anyone who wants to create a professional looking and successful website presence.

What reviews are you most pleased with?

All of the testimonials and comments so far have been great. In particular Claire Young’s quote about it being a ‘must read’, Caroline Marsh saying ‘Wow, it is an incredible book’, Fiona Wright saying how much she learnt and Paul Handley saying the book is a winner. Those and others are the kinds of quotes that a new author dreams about!

Paula can be contacted on:

Direct Dial: 020 8133 6329

Mobile: 077 8986 2746