Interview with Jacqueline Stone, Founder Conscious Change International

Tell us about your business.
I am the author of two ebooks, “Gifts from Eternity” and  “Awakening Consciousness.” The first chronicles deeply personal and profound experiences of the Divine. The second reveals several of the necessary steps in the path of awakening to who we really are. I am also a Reiki Master, providing treatment locally  and remotely. In addition, I provide personal coaching for those wishing to free themselves from victim-consciousness. My target audience is mainly women who are claiming their right to live empowered lives.

 Please tell us what being a business owner means to you and why you became an entrepreneur in the first place?
It was not originally my intention to become an entrepreneur. I began sharing my journey of healing thr ough my blog, and sharing my journey of spiritual awakening on another blog, . As a result, people started asking for guidance, and my business was born.

Now more than ever, I believe it’s important to be in business for ourselves because the old systems, financial and political, are crumbling. Spiritually speaking, it is also important now for each of us to find  our unique gifts and begin using them in service of others. Most traditional jobs do not offer this opportunity.

What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?
My greatest influences in business are Sharon Wilson, Julia Rogers Hamrick, Jeanie Marshall, and Lorraine Cohen. Each of these women have dedicated themselves to serving others and combined their spiritual passions with their work. In the process, they have created empowering tools and programs that are changing the lives of countless women and men. The integrity in the women themselves and in their businesses has inspired me to maintain the highest degree of integrity in=2 0my own business as well. They have also shown me that it is not only possible to combine spirituality with business; it is beneficial to all.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?
My greatest professional accomplishment thus far has been being able to inspire someone who had held her story of abuse in her heart for many years to finally tell it, and begin healing.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers?
The best business advice I’ve received is that if something doesn’t feel good to me, it’s not for me. There are a great many ways to build and promote a business. Some of them have worked very well for others, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for me. No amount of marketing or sales success is worth the cost of my integrity. No matter what I do, in business or in life, I need to be able to feel good about it.

What one thing have you learned as a small business owner that has served you well over the years?
One of the most important things I’ve learned being a small business owner is that success comes over time, as long as we remain true to who we are. Success is built on relationships, and relationships take time to develop. Going after the quick buck never leads to true and lasting success.

Are there any resources or tools you’d like to share with other small business owners that have helped you succeed?
Sharon Wilson has a tremendous free 30-day program called the Empowered Spiritualpreneur Challenge. In this challenge, she shares a huge volume of tools for finding and applying our unique gifts in a business, discovering and changing our beliefs, and creating our ideal business. Participants also have the opportunity to network with other members and build joint venture partnerships. In my first week in the challenge, I conencted with two women who became the ideal business partners for me.

What is Number One Business Goal you plan to accomplish over the next year?
My number one business goal to accomplish this year is to develop a group coaching program so that I can help more people, yet have more time for my kids.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Every small business owner faces a great many challenges from the moment they commit. There will be people who discourage you and circumstances that frustrate you. Don’t give up. You have something to offer in a way that no one else does. Be willing to learn as you go along and appreciate your progress. The more you celebrate the baby steps, the more progress you’ll see.

How can our readers find you online?

My main web site is  I can also be contacted on Twitter at,   or through my main Squidoo lens,