Congratulations to WE Magazine for Women’s November Editor of the Month Simone Kelly Brown.  Here is her “story:”

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your writing career.

I’m a certified Master Life Coach and Holistic Business Coach. For the last 14 years I’ve been assisting entreprenuers, specifically women entrepreuars to awake to their greatness, heal themselves, and own their power and their own businesses. I’ve used writing as way to share the principles I believe in as well as to educate others on various business strategies they can use to boost their business. I enjoy being a featured writer for various blogs and my own blog of course,

I’ve been awarded Success Magazine’s 40 Under 40, 98.7 Kiss FM (NYC)-Phenomonal Woman Award, AKA’s Top Hat Award for Women in Achievement.

When did you first discover you enjoyed writing?

I learned that I was a story-teller and a writer when I was a little girl–around the age of 7. I used to draw very well and would create story books that were also coloring books and sell them to my classmates for a dime. LOL I was an entreprenuer from the womb!

What are your favorite topics to write about?

I love writing about personal development, marketing, entreprenuarship, and fiction.

What do you enjoy about writing for WE Magazine for Women?

The Business and personal growth topics.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on an audio book series called Own Your Power Lifestyle Principles based on my coaching principles.

I’m very excited about it since it’s combines pretty much everything that I do for personal growth and business development, so for those who have not taken my coaching courses, they will now be able to take me home with them or in their car :

What’s next for you?

I’m working on expanding my coaching group, “Circle of Power” to more people who have been searching for a support group to help them achieve their goals in their life and business. This program I created was developed for the ‘busy’ women in mind who takes care of everything and everyone except themselves! It’s dedicated to encourge them to awaken to their greatness, heal, transform and OWN THEIR POWER. I focus on getting results and I don’t take any excuses!

Fast forward a tad bit ahead, we are planning an OWN YOUR POWER RETREAT-CRUISE for early 2012 to the Bahamas, so that is another exciting event I can wait to develop!

Tell us about the services/products you offer.

I have various coaching packages available:

Complimentary Coaching session for EVERYONE who joins my network: Just call me after you join to book your session, 877-545-7352

Circle of Power Coaching is group coaching. We have phone sessions for everyone across the country and we’re launching a Pembroke Pines, Fl group on December 11.

8 WEEK COURSE–Business Coaching one-one via phone

Give ‘n Take Network is a service for all Own Your Power Members where they can barter with over 50k merchants.

What do you do for fun/relaxation?

I love to hang out at the beach and do nothing, meditate, journal, write. I relieve stress I go to ( a Boxing Class–The best workout you’ll ever have!

Read a juicy novel.

Walk in the park and watch the ducks.

My favorite: SLEEP! LOL

What inspired you to become an entreprenuar?

As a young college girl, my dream was to work for SOMEONE ELSE and be in the corner office as a VP or some high level executive. After working for many companies and seeing I was helping other people get rich and not reaping the rewards, I realized I wanted to start my own business. I saw many people get laid off from their jobs after years of hard work and dedication. I too experienced a layoff that came as a shock to me. I knew if I had my own business, even on the side, that I would ALWAYS have a back up plan and that I did!

How can our readers contact you?