WE Magazine for Women is delighted to introduce you to the newest member of our editorial team – Rosana Santos Calambichis. Rosana has graciously accepted the role of FOOD & ENTERTAINING EDITOR.

Here is a little bit about her:

"Rosana Santos Calambichis WE Magazine Food Edtior"Meet Rosana Santos Calambichis, CEO of BIG CHEF

The Brazilian-born business owner is inspired by her mother’s accomplishments as an award-winning chef and published cookbook author and her father’s successful attitude and leadership; Santos has combined her business expertise and food interest with Mano Calambichis, her husband and business partner, restaurant and people experience; leading to the acquisition of BIG CHEF in 2003.

Regarding BIG CHEF Rosana states, “Great part of a food business’ success is the “kept secret” recipes and we recognize our diverse staff as a key ingredient. Through diversity ideas and experiences are shared by people from various parts of the world and many backgrounds … this makes us unique and yet, powerful.. at BIG CHEFwe thrust in diversity as the strength that generates creativity.”

Rosana is the author of two books: The Ultimate Appetizer and The Ultimate Feast. Her passion for dining extends beyond work to her personal life, making entertaining guests a favorite past time. In addition to creating tasty treats with her son, Philipe Carvalho, and her husband and partner, Mano Calambichis, she continues to travel, enjoys reading and strolling along the beach. Learn more at www.bigchefonline.com .

In her new role, Rosana will be posting Recipes, Party ideas, menu and party planning tips and more. She welcomes contributions from readers! Feel free to submit your ideas on our CONTACT page and Rosana will review your submissions for possible inclusion in upcoming posts or issues.