WE Magazine is delighted to introduce you to our newest Technology Editor, Jeri Morgan.

Let me tell you about her:


Jeri Morgan, is the President of Code Blue Computing headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Code Blue Computing is a Security First organization specializing in Cyber Security and IT Consulting. Code Blue Computing was named the 2012 Small Business of the Year by the City of Thornton, Colorado and the 2014 Emerging Business of the Year by The Broomfield Chamber of Commerce.

Jeri is Co-Author of the book Hack Proof Your Business scheduled to be released in October 2019. A common- sense leader that works with individuals and businesses on their Cyber Security and IT Strategy; utilizing technology to improve their bottom line. Learn more at https://codebluecomputing.com/

Her latest articles include:

I Am Immune to Computer Viruses. I Am the Mac Owner.

Risky Business? Auditing Your Employees Internet Usage.

How Will You Keep Your Parents Safe from Hackers and Cyber Attacks?

We look forward to sharing more of her great content with you, our readers!