"Meet Newest Contributing Editor - Lisa April Smith"My team and I are delighted to introduce you to our latest contributing Editor, Lisa April Smith.

Lisa has been contributing to WE magazine for Women for several months and also has her four books,  including Paradise Misplaced, Exceeding Expectations, Dangerous Lies and Forgotten Tales of China (coming January 2014!) listed in our Book store.

Here is her brief bio:

Before discovering a passion for writing Ms. Smith traded in antiques, taught ballroom dancing and managed projects for IBM. College studies included psychology, archaeology, literature, history, anthropology/sociology and computer science. She holds degrees in the latter two fields. Combine those widely diverse interests with a wry wit and creative ingenuity and readers won’t be surprised at the amazing reviews her books inspire.

You can learn more about Lisa at her website www.LisaAprilSmith.com

Please join me in welcoming her to our team!