1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I was born in Canada and came to live in Ireland 20 years ago.  I’ve always felt an affinity to Ireland even as a small girl and had a strong feeling I would visit it one day…little did I know it would capture my heart so completely.  I think it has something to do with the Celtic influence….the love of music, nature, community, singing, story telling and oral traditions.   From the time I can remember I’ve loved to sing.  But I held my voice back for various reasons.  I started singing again in my early forties and was amazed and how much ‘stuff’ came up for me around it…emotional and physical issues in connection with self expression, repressed feelings etc. 

I’ve also been involved in personal development & communication training for organizations for many years. As I began to explore the journey with my voice, I started to notice how other people were blocked with their vocal expression as well.  So in a nutshell, I inspire people to enjoy the power of their own voice. 

2. What do you enjoy most about your profession? I love seeing people ‘own’ their power so to speak.  There are times I wonder if what I do makes a difference, and then someone will come up to me after a training workshop and say how much it helped them express themselves more confidently, how they were able to access another part of their voice they never knew they had etc., and I think well maybe I facilitated that in some way.  I do believe the voice is a direct link and reflection of our souls, so it can reveal much to us about our individual journeys. 

3. What was your vision for starting your own company? My vision for starting my company came to me in a very strange way.  I was meditating in nature, when I swear I ‘heard’ the land speak to me.  And if ‘Gaia’ has a voice, she said, “It is time for people to sing together again, to celebrate, to enjoy –we’ve had enough suffering”.  I know a strange thing for a ‘practical corporate trainer’ to hear…and so from that I’ve felt inclined to do my part to lead these celebrations and encourage people they can do it.  It’s amazing how many people tell themselves they can’t sing.  Yet they love to do it on their own or in a group.  My hope is to make that as easy as possible for them.

4. Tell us about the organizations your company supports? This varies according to who is leading the organization at the time.  I am more inclined to those ‘for’ something than those ‘against’ something…example ‘for abundance’ rather than ‘fighting poverty.’ For instance I have worked withSimon Community which helps homeless people, running  training programmes to help them express themselves more creatively.   I also believe in tithing 10% of my income and that has gone to various organisations like Green Peace, National Society for Preventation of Cruelty to Children, Childline, Mouth & Foot Painting Artists, Plant a Tree projects, International Fund for Animal Welfare, to holistic centres and other trainers I believe are running worthwhile programmes etc.  As I said before would vary depending on whose leading the organisation at the time, rather than my belief in any particular organisation.  I do like to support programmes which teach other people to do it for themselves rather than just giving them ‘hand outs’ as such. 

5. What life event or incident made you choose to support them? I believe in the power of our thoughts and intentions, so supporting solutions seems to me the way to go.

6. From where do you draw inspiration?  I draw inspiration from nature, friends, books and life. 

7. What one thing would you like to learn this year? I’d like to learn more about this incredible instrument the voice.  I’ve heard that in ancient times personal development was taught through the understanding of voice, music and sacred geometry – this resonates with me and fascinates me.  I wish to explore this further.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  My vocal journey is teaching me to let myself ‘be sung’.  So I have no idea how the “I’ will be singing in 5 years time.  My inclinations now would say singing, laughing, loving, enjoying, teaching. 

9. What do you do for fun, relaxation? Dance, walk, meditate, read, eat, sing, create music, drink gorgeous red wine, hang out with friends, be in nature and touch in whatever way is appropriate.

10. Do you have a secret indulgence?  If so, what is it? See above.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Let go of the notion you should sound like the 2% of the population who are professional singers.  Whenever you are alone, and the ‘urge’ comes to make some sort of sound express that.  It could be a ‘un-lady-like’ groan, a sigh, a painful whale etc.  Allow that sound, that energy to express itself and see what happens for you.  Discover the beauty in how ‘It’ likes to express itself.  Discover the beauty of your true voice. And feel free to let me know how you get on.

Learn more about Michelle at:  www.michellebailly.com