Meet Mary Craig of Mary Craig Ministries


After being a homemaker and raising two children, I went back to college in my forties to finish up a degree in Humanities (art, psychology, philosophy, theatre, women’s studies, etc.)  Then I was called to the gospel ministry and went to seminary to earn a Masters of Biblical Studies and Theology and then a Doctor of Practical Ministry.

I founded Mary Craig Ministries, Inc. in response to a challenge from a local pastor and the call of God in 1993.  We have a Board of Directors with my husband, Rev. Jim Craig, as President and a wonderful volunteer staff. For four years, I had a radio program called “Divine Appointment” which aired 5 days a week.  I have written some 20 Bible studies, devotionals, Bible study manuals, and books.  We have an extensive web site, , which provides Christian teachings free and includes a prophetic section.

MCM has a community outreach called Craighouse(R) where we specialize in small group ministry. We also have the Barnabas Project which was formed to provide encouragement through tangible giving to forgotten peoples and places in South Florida.  Over these past 14/15 years, I have traveled to 61 nations and all 7 continents sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and conducting seminars and conferences, preaching and speaking, and leading strategic prayer for nations.

In 1993 I was leading Sunday night services at a local church along with teaching Bible.  The pastor challenged me to begin a ministry, and so in July, 1993, I founded Mary Craig Ministries, Inc. as a non-profit religious organization under a three-fold call to bring healing and restoration to the Body of Christ, to prepare the Bride of Christ for His return, and to call the nations to repentance and resurrection.  (You can read more in an article called “To the Nations” found at by utilizing our internal search engine.)

What I love most about what God has called me to do is seeing lives transformed by the power of God manifesting through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  My own personal relationship with God has led me to see much of the supernatural and spiritual.  I love to clothe a naked child, put shoes on a boy who has never owned any shoes, see the Holy Spirit heal someone’s body through divine intervention, or see someone’s eyes light up as they discover a truth that sets them free.  I love “God stories” of divine connections.

We do not have formal alliances with any other organization, but we do have divine connections.  After God calls me to a nation or region of the world, for example, we pray about contacts in that nation.  One time I was called to Costa Rica.  No one connected with our ministry knew anyone in Costa Rica, though we did have people who spoke Spanish.  We were having a garage sale to raise money for an upcoming mission trip and that day we had a small group who had gathered to pray for a woman who needed a job.  A woman named Maria walked up to us and after the prayer, she asked if we were Christians.  We started talking, and the conversation led to Costa Rica.  Maria said, “Oh, I am from Costa Rica!.  You must talk to Olive.”  With that, we went to a phone and called her friend Olive in Costa Rica.  It turned out that Olive was the head of Womens Aglow for Central America and a long-time missionary in Costa Rica.  With Olive’s help we were able to schedule several church engagements and go to a Nicaraguan refugee camp, where we distributed goods and supplies and ministered to the children and their families.

I do not set out to spread the word about Mary Craig Ministries, but prefer to have the focus on Christ.  When we go to the various nations, I do not speak about MCM but deliver to the people whatever message I believe the Holy Spirit is giving me for them.  When we have our Barnabas Project distributions, we do not promote our ministry, but ask the local pastors to use the distribution to help their church demonstrate the free grace of God to their community.  Years ago God told me that if I would look after His business, He would look after mine.  He has been faithful to do so.

We have a national mailing list and I send out a message of the month, writing on what I believe the Spirit is saying to the Body of Christ around the world.  This message is posted on our web site each month and then archived thereafter. As to travel, I would say that my favorite places have been Newfoundland, Antarctica, and the Mediterranean countries.  Each place, however, has its own distinct beauty and attraction.  I have found people everywhere to be hungry to know God and desirous of living a full life with their families.

This year we have scheduled mission trips into Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.  We are in the planning stages for Greenland and Iceland as well.  We will be teaching on Heaven, on Worship as revealed in the Tabernacle of God, on the 3:16 passages of Scripture and on other topics at Craighouse(R).   We have many fun nights and fellowship dinners along the way, with movies and Bingo (with no gambling but lots of prizes).  Our Barnabas Project distributions will most likely be in the northern part of Broward County this year and possibly back to Belle Glade, Florida.

On my nightstand is a New King James Bible along with Elizabeth I CEO by Alan Axelrod, Jesus Mean and Wild: The Unexpected Love of an Untamable God by Mark Galli, Heaven by Randy Alcord, The Presence & Work of the Holy Spirit by R. A. Torrey, AAA Europe Travel Book, and Living Words by Jeff Benner (a book on Ancient Hebrew).

I would like readers to know that God can take an ordinary woman and do extraordinary things through her if she has a little spirit of adventure.  Years ago the Holy Spirit came to me and told me that from that day forward I would be going where He wanted me to go, saying what He wanted me to say, and doing what He wanted me to do.  As I yielded to Him, I have seen Him turn the impossible into the possible and work miracles in people’s lives, including my own.  I have seen the power of forgiveness as God desires to forgive sin as one turns to faith in Christ who died for sin and rose again from the dead.  I have seen the power of God as He desires to set people free and bless them.  I have seen the power of God’s voice change the course of nations. But most of all, readers need to know that I am just the messenger.

You can learn more about Mary Craig at .