Jianny Adamo, LMHC LPC is the Founder, Fearless Love and Author – From Love Trauma To Fearless Love

With the explosion of the #metoo movement, From #LoveTrauma To #FearlessLove is where the #healing begins! #BreakFree from your #narcissist.

1. What inspired you to write From Love Trauma To Fearless Love ?

After experiencing emotional and sexual exploitation by the man I cared for, I was brought face to face with my shattered soul. Ironically, I was already a psychotherapist specializing in marriage counseling at this time. In the hands of a psychopath, my strengths and passion helping individuals and couples create happy lives and fearless loving relationships, turned me into the ULTIMATE victim.

My personal passage through grief encouraged me to write From Love Trauma To Fearless. The narrative brings alive the illusion merged with reality and the painstaking truths of what happens when we get caught in a web of lies and deception—when love and the loveless collide.

2. What things supported your healing? 

Embracing my real relationships and going deeper into my spirituality encouraged my journey of loving myself unconditionally. I accepted that my body and heart are sacred and that my greatest relationship need is security. My partner’s and my responsibility is to co-create safety. And that takes two people!

Also, my sorrow found expression in dancing Argentine Tango. Through learning new skills, deep soul connection to the music, and by finding balance between strength and surrender—I gradually rebuilt new confidence. I became inspired again and wrote my first book to help others break free from their narcissist.

3. What do you want From Love Trauma To Fearless Love to teach us? 

As a survivor, I came to understand that my strengths, my goodness, and my beauty were part of what made me a target. I also honored that these very qualities also allowed me to rise above the pain and loss and reinvent myself while reclaiming my power.

I would like to encourage the victims of narcissistic and sexual exploitation to address the abuse and trauma head-on. After a relationship with a narcissist your natural love and compassion transformed into overwhelming confusion, panic and anxiety that has tainted your world with self-doubt and distrust. It’s important to accept your humanness and vulnerabilities in order to forgive yourselves for being victimized and abused.

4. What would you tell someone who is in need of find the silver lining in their heartbreak and love trauma?

"Meet Jianny Adamo, Author "Fearless Love"'There is a reason behind why the narcissist entered your life. We are to learn and grow from each of our relationships. Love thrusts us into higher consciousness and awareness. It’s climbing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and self-actualization with the understanding that the most important mission we have on this earth is to love and be loved.

In the midst of suffering, our greatest challenge can become our greatest opportunity for transformational healing and change. Our brokenness can yield inner beauty, purpose and vitality. You are worthy of respect, love, and protection. You’re wired to give and receive Fearless Love!

To learn more about the author and her book, visit https://fearlesslove.net/love-trauma/