Meet Glenys Byrd, Founder of Love Those Shoes

Born into business, as both her parents, her brother and her  future husband were all in business, so other than flirting briefly with being a hairdresser (which her Mother didn’t appreciate) Glenys Byrd didn’t really think about doing anything else.  She says:  I get immense buzz and satisfaction from all aspects of my work, and because I’m so bossy, I suppose I’m in the ideal profession.” Love those shoes is the number one website on the Internet selling shoes with positive health benefits, the growth being mostly by word of mouth from customers who become instant converts.


What do you enjoy most about your profession?   I enjoy the very different everyday challenges, the sense of  achievement,  striving to be a success and developing other people  (in my own image, naturally *grin*)

What was your vision for choosing your life’s work?    I wanted to do something where I made the decisions and made a great success and left something memorable behind me.  As I passed the first years of survival (and being able to eat), it became important to do something that made a difference to people.  I didn’t want to just do something that no one benefitted by as I felt that was a pointless waste.  I’m a little squeamish about blood, otherwise I might have chosen to be a doctor.

What was your first job?  Never had a job !!  I have always run my own business and I don’t consider it a  job, it’s a way of life.

Tell us about the organizations your company supports?    Women in Business.

What life event or incident made you choose to support them?   I really want to inspire and give opportunities for more women to go into business.  There’s so much to be achieved and it’s really difficult for women to take those first steps.   I employ a lot of women and give them space and opportunity to stretch themselves and take responsibility. I like to smash glass ceilings!

From where do you draw inspiration?   My mother, who set impossibly high standards for me since I was a child !  But otherwise, I am often asked this and the honest answer is … I don’t know.  Things just seem to pop into my head when I need them to – I’ve always called it my gut instinct.

What one thing would you like to learn this year?  Patience.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?   I have no idea where I’ll be in a year !!  Business wise I have more ideas than I have time to put into practice, so I see myself busier and busier, and famous !   That’s the joy of being an entrepreneur.

What do you do for fun, relaxation?   Go to a health spa whenever I can  and …. work .
Do you have a secret indulgence?  If so, what is it?  Its a secret !    Oh ok – chocolate and shoes, of course !

What’s the Best book you ever read?   To be honest, I don’t remember a book as soon as I’ve finished it.

Your Favorite quote?   If at first you don’t succeed ……

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?   I discovered shoes that are good for you, that reduce cellulite and work off calories, then customers who bought them told me how they had also helped people who had suffered for years with chronic back and foot complaints.  This discovery gave me a real purpose – to search out more of these products which innocently and easily change people’s lives and improve their lifestyle.  Selfishly, this gives me immense satisfaction.

You can learn more about Glenys and Love Those Shoes at