Author Audrey Lawrence’s lifelong struggle with severe dyslexia made her feel locked out of education, when Audrey discovered online programs that allowed her to learn in new ways, she began studying at the finest schools in the world Harvard, MIT, and more. Slowly Audrey began seeing patterns of success ( a hidden gift of dyslexia.)

So the dyslexic girl that struggled to write a book report decided she needed to write a book about the hidden tool of success by blending methodologies. Shaped by psychology from Princeton, filtered through neuroscience from Yale, framed by innovative business from Harvard, to create her own hackable success blueprint no matter your setbacks.

“I felt passionate about sharing the tools  – why did I have to get to Yale to learn what I needed in the 5th grade?”

Audrey is also the author of the upcoming book Success Reset which will be available on Amazon and her website.

Lawrence went on to launch a podcast and workshop, which turned into a radio show. Not Long after Lawrence’s perspective of democratizing success became a TEDx Talk. (click image below to watch on YouTube)

“I’m thrilled to be on to the next part of my journey, creating the TV Show  ‘1 Thing We Should Know”  illuminating exactly how knowledge can change lives by giving you choices and showcasing the  tools that helped me get unstuck.”

To learn more about Audrey visit her website

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