Meet Jessica Kizorek, Founder of Badass Business Women. She is on a mission to help women discover and release their inner badass.  Here’s her story:

What does “badass” mean to you?

Badass is the biggest compliment you could give me. It means I’m vocal, edgy, daring, ambitious, and out doing big things in the world. When you call me a badass it makes me beam with pride and smile from ear to ear. Try it…call someone you admire a Badass Business Woman.

There are so many women empowerment groups out there. What makes Badass Business Women any different?

As a businesswoman there’s a certain protocol: Be professional. Be appropriate. Wear the right clothes. Have the right haircut. Let your hair down after work, not from 9-5. Badass Business Women embodies the opposite. We encourage you to be outrageously self-expressed. We give you the freedom to be yourself. We challenge you to throw some personality into your business. Business is no longer about fitting in. It’s about standing out.

Today is your 30th birthday. What are you doing to celebrate?

When I turned 29, I put the pedal to the medal. It was time for me to accelerate, to make a big splash, to really make a dent in the world. I started Badass Business Women in February and six months later landed myself on the cover of the Miami Herald business section. Today we’re releasing “Badass Business Women: The Manifesto.” We are giving it away for free to our members, and you can sign up to get a copy at

What’s The Manifesto about?

The Manifesto defines what it means to be a badass, the benefits, and our shared dream as a community… A dream that one million women unleash their inner badass…A dream that one million women shine because they have the freedom to be themselves…A dream that one million women ignite this stagnant economy by throwing some personality into their business!

Does being a badass cause real results? Or is it just fun to talk about?

The Manifesto is laced with testimonials from members. Being a member causes you to dream big. To be bold. To be courageous. To speak your truth. To think about why you’re really on this planet. To embrace your unique personality. To acknowledge and team up with the badasses around you. To go out on the skinny branches. But only if you’re daring enough to unleash you’re inner badass.

(For a free copy of The Manifesto sign up as a member at )