Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™ Wendy VanHatten; Author, Travel Writer

Wendy VanHatten transitioned from the world of healthcare administration into a published author and international travel writer. In addition, she is Editor in Chief for Prime Time Living Magazine (, wine, food, and travel writer for WE Magazine (, and food, wine, and travel blogger.

She is a member of the Bay Area Travel Writer Organization ( ), a professional travel writer and photographer organization. Wendy assists new to experienced travelers with pertinent travel advice, information on up to date travel regulations, product reviews, and photos in her blog, Wendy knows travelers need a site they can trust and her ongoing goal is to continue to be that site.

Her travel articles appear in publications worldwide.

Her children’s books, the Max and Myron series, teach children to read while learning positive character traits. The books include exercises and tools for educators and parents to use when assisting children.

Each book addresses one subject and is appropriate for children ages two to ten. Wendy talks with children and educators about the characters in her books, encouraging them to become good citizens.

Wendy plans to continue working with children as they learn the importance of acting appropriately as well learning how to write.

Wendy’s two mysteries, Champagne Lies and newly released Vineyard Secrets, are set in San Francisco and Italy. Wendy has written a book about her dad and WWII and other books. Her website is



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