Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™  Suzanne DuretShowcasing Women

Suzanne is the passionate Founder of . She started out 25+ years ago in a man’s business world, with few women mentors or associations to help in her entrepreneurial endeavors. Suzanne decided “way back then” that the time would come when she would focus on helping other women entrepreneurs; and in 2011 was born.

Suzanne is a masterful business strategist with extraordinary life experiences, combined with an extensive comprehension of real-life business situations. Suzanne started with nothing but sheer ambition – literally, no college education. Now she uses her experiences from the entrepreneurial trenches to help other women make money while being happy in their pursuits.

Suzanne’s very first entrepreneurial venture was a medical products company. With no previous experience, she started that new company with her business partner and his medical inventions. Just a short 21 months later that first business was successfully sold for millions of dollars to a major medical company. From there Suzanne wrote Inventing For Wealth, with a Foreword by Tony Robbins. Over the years she has started seven businesses. In the process she has raised millions in venture and angel funding, built a national sales and distribution force, and tackled every facet of operations and management.

Suzanne is also the Managing Partner of Kinetic Business Advisors; a company that helps solopreneurs and businesses achieve more revenues with joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

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