Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™ Regina Baker, Owner – Computerize U2

In the April 2014 survey, Netcraft received responses from 958,919,789 ACTIVE  websites online.  An increase of 242,097,742 from 2013.  Online since 1996, Award Winning Internet Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker and Trainer, Regina Baker understands the power of the Internet and how entrepreneurs are striving to making their mark in “cyberspace.”

Baker says that, “Becoming an entrepreneur and making money are two separate things.  When she got online, she didn’t make money right away because she didn’t know how.  She did however, research like a mad Woman, learning everything she could, buying product after product, some to her amazement and much of it to her disappointment.  She truly believes that the process of a journey including mistakes is what makes us better, stronger and wiser to achieve the goals we set out to obtain.”

After consistent research, applying proven principles, networking, and learning how to pursue goals in spite of the learning curve challenges, Regina now helps entrepreneurs understand how to better position themselves online by creating strategic internet marketing plans, affiliate programs and affiliate marketing — hence, boosting visibility, credibility, profitability creating buzz on and offline.

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