Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™ Pam Beattie, owner of Venetian Décor

Pamela Walker-Beattie was born in Vancouver, BC. She grew up appreciating the aesthetic side of life, being the third generation in a family of milliners, furriers and shop owners. Her heritage – steeped in fashion – seemed to magically inspire Beattie’s creatiity.

Beattie created the signature Venetian Décor brand in March of 2008, with the mantra of “old world with a new twist” to guide her. Her goal is to capture the essence of that history and beauty by preserving the glamor and heirloom treasures of our past.

Beattie crafts timeless pieces that unites a blend of shabby-chic, French, boho, eco-friendly and refined glamour in her hand-crafted, family heirloom preservation and luxury furniture and vintage décor company. Venetian Décor gives new life through its exquisite furniture, pillows, cosmetic and jewelry travel bags, eye masks, phones covers and personal accessories that are one-of-a-kind timeless pieces. The brand aims at growing an even vaster product line which will include more exclusive furniture pieces, diaper bags, wool rugs, wallpaper, draperies, ballerina bags and other chic essentials for women of all ages – from young girls to mothers to business professionals to grandmothers. And the line won’t stop there! Venetian Décor will be a household name for generations to come! Visit her online at


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