Meet Milana Leshinsky, President of JV Insider Circle

"Meet Who's Who in Ecommerce Milana Leshinsky"One of the biggest challenges new business owners experience is getting access to their target audience, so they could market their products and programs. Joint ventures are one of the best ways to solve that challenge fast! Milana Leshinsky has built her own mailing list of over 100K subscribers and a million-dollar business from home using almost exclusively joint venture partnerships. She has also been teaching coaches, authors, speakers, and experts how to use the power of joint ventures to build their own large audience, sell products, and fill their programs fast! She is the creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution, the author of “Coaching Millions,” and the co-founder of the JV Insider Circle, the world’s leading joint venture community for coaches, authors, speakers, and experts.

She came from Soviet Ukraine 20 years ago as a classical musician with zero knowledge of the business world, and has built her million-dollar business from home part time, while raising her 2 children. Her website is . You can find aslo Milana on Facebook


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