Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™ Marni

Marni Spencer-Devlin is the founder and former President and CFO of ocdm marketing, which she built from the ground up and turned into a multi-million dollar company with seventy employees. For twenty years she was on top, then she got sick and in 2008 she was given only a year to live.

She wrote her first book, Crawling Into The Light where she shared her secret: As a child she had been molested and raped. She had been a heroin addict, a prostitute, homeless and in prison before her rise to power. While writing her story, Marni made a mind-blowing realization. Throughout her entire life everything had always turned out for the best even, and especially when, she thought she had reached her end. What if this was not the end either? Would she be able to commute her own death sentence?

She began studying holistic healing methodologies, yoga and meditation and – this will shock you! She did not die! Instead she wrote another book, The Iceberg Principles – the Truth about the Universe and Your place it. Today she writes, mentors and speaks about the importance of authenticity in business and personal development. Her website is


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