Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce Margaret CowlesLifestyling By Design

"Meet the Class of 2014 Who's Who Women in Ecommerce™ Margaret Cowles - Lifestyling By Design"Most people spend 5 or more years in Corporate Stress just getting by, like Margaret Cowles until she followed her passion! She loves sharing Health & Fitness and teaching people how really simple and affordable and fun it is to live a healthier lifestyle through The Vi Challenge platform! Some think this is all she does, but when it isn’t work to you, but Passion, it isn’t like work!! Margaret decided her own schedule, her own income and how many people and organizations she wanted to share The Challenge with ~ every single penny earned and reinvested represents a life educated and changed through the Challenge platform! Change someones health and you change their entire world ~ their self-esteem, their confidence, their attitude their productivity, their outlook, their activities and their relationships with their spouse, their children, their friends, neighbors, co-workers and community!!! Margaret is passionate about what she does. Changing Lives via The Vi Challenge ~ Challenging the Status Quo ~ Unhealthy Fast Food, Dependency on Pharma Drugs and thinking Business ownership is out of reach!!!!

The project 10 challenge is the largest platform fighting childhood obesity! It is also the #1 health and fitness initiative in AMERICA! Margaret is always looking to help people with their health. Connect with her on her social sites and let her help you rock your challenge. Her website is

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